Good Feelings

 I looked right at the school gates was Abbie,Ellie,Anna and Stacey in a little huddle.I was friends with them.Sort of.I strode right up to them and  they seemed to be smiling at me. "Hey!" they all spoke in unison. "Have you seen Jess,she's gone off with Ashleigh. Have you fell two out?" Anna asked.

"You could say that" I said looking at the floor.

"Don't worry you can hang round with us" Ellie reassured me. I was happy-ish with them. It was actually quite fun spending time with differet people. We hung out for weeks and suddenly Jess disappeared. For a while. But Jessie came up to me,again.

"I've been an idiot" She said.

"Yeah,you have" I answered.

"I really wanna be best mates again.If you want to. I just,got upset and wanted to hurt you. Ashleigh is really annoying and I bet Stacey,Anna,Ellie and Abbie are too. So let's go!" That was her way of apologizing.

"Are friendship can't be sorted just like that.Ashleigh may be annoying but Anna,Stacey,Ellie and Abbie are my friends and it would be unfair to leave them and run off with you. Like I said,you've changed." I stood up to her for once.

 I ran back to them and they al high-fived me "Well done,you really showed her." Said Stacey. I didn't dare look over my shoulder.I didn't want to look at her face.

I had finally stood up for myself and once more I felt good about it. I didn't hang round with her. I hung out with MY friends. The people that really appreciated me. "That art work is amazing" Stacey would say,meaningfully in art class. We all laughed and joked and had sleepovers. All of them came over my house and I went over to theirs. Everything was good again. 

The End

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