New Friends

Everything was wrong. Everything felt wrong. Constant replays of that night echoed in my head and stayed with me 24/7. I couldn't shake it,I became paranoid and couldn't think straight. So then I had to make a decision. Give up Jessie or spend my life being visited by the ghosts of the past?

"I don't want to be best friends and I don't want to see you or speak to you.You've made me get involved in this and it's your mess. I am forever telling lies to my family and friends and I can't live like it for the rest of my life! You've changed Jessie and not for the better." I said to Jessie. 

I thought I'd made the right decision and everything would fall back into place,normal again. But hell was only right round the corner and it wss coming fast.

I was on the hunt for some new friends and was determind to find some because as I looked left she had found someone,the one person I hate with a passion,Ashleigh Stone.  She'd been bullying me since I came to Cliffe High and I remember when my parents and the teachers got involved ,she used to beat me up and threaten me and stuff like that. But I didn't care,because she wasn't MY frind anymore,she could go off with whoever she wanted.

My friend hunt was proving dificult,I had friends but I didn't hang out with them because they were alwys in little gangs. But then I found some girls... 

The End

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