"You can't tell anyone,this must be a secret!" She ordered.

"I don't know Jess,look what you've gotten yourself into! But alright I will keep it a secret,for now."

We didn't want to go back to class. Especially with blood on our hands,who would.So we snuck off out of school. The best option we had. I decided we needed to act normal,for Jessie's sake.But when we got to her house,it was hard not to act normal.

"Jess,I have some bad news. There wasn't anything they could do for Lucy and well she died a few hours ago." Her Mum spoke. My blood ran cold. My heart felt empty and I didn't even know this girl.What had I become? A monster,a liar and all because I was so selfish not to tell.

I couldn't concentrate in class. Life had become one big secretive lie that was completely out of our hands.My report on my school work was horrifying.I had long lectures from my parents when we got home. I was sick of school,Jess,my parents. Everything.

That poor girl Lucy,as horrible as she was,didn't deserve to die at all. That makes me cry. Recently a lot of things have made me cry. I'm begining to think,is it all worth it?

The End

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