I had a best friend,Jessie-Marie.I had been best friends with her since the day that us year sevens opened the doors to a whole new world.Secondary school. But that was years ago now.

I could give you a bunch of words to describe Jessie.But the fact is there is only one that anyone who knows Jessie would truly believe: LIAR.

The bell rang as I ran through the doors of Cliffe High. I was late. But Miss Cooper didn't mind today, as I slid down in my seat,next to Jessie. She didnt look at me. She didn't wave,smile or anything.She just slumped in her chair, looking miserable. Did I do something wrong? "What's up" I whispered to her.Nothing . I nudged her,squeezed her arm but still nothing.Great.

Break time came. She grabbed my arm and flew into the changing rooms. "What's wrong?" I said,frowning.

" I've done something terrible." She whined,her small pale hands were shaking non stop. "You know Lucy,my terribly annoying next door neighbour. Well,she came over and started going on about her life is great and mine is pathetic,as she normally does and well we got into a massive,I mean massive fight on the landing and,I accidentally pushed her down the stairs!" She sobbed.

"Oh my God!,Is she okay?" I asked her. She shakes her head at me."My parents asked me what happened and I had to lie to them I mumbled something about her falling over. Then she landed on her head and she could have brain damage or she could even die!" She sobbed more.

I couldn't believe my ears. My Jessie-Marie never gets into fights with anyone. She's way to shy in front of other people. But putting her neighbour in hospital was a new Jessie,a Jessie I didn't know.

The End

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