The Thieving House, a house built for thieves to come and steal anything they want, becomes the center of attention in the town of Farentown. Now, except for a few loyal inhabitants, everyone here are all thieves. But not everyone's happy with the stuff that they get. Rumor has it that at the end of the Thieving House is a grand prize. But things are more sinister than just endless riches.
Enter if you dare...

The house appears on the empty lot on the corner of Grant and 32nd st two years ago. One day the lot was empty and the next day it wasn’t. It was as if the house had appeared out of nowhere.

It is a tall extravagant house that grows in size each year, consuming more and more buildings on the block as it expands.

The house is made of glittering golds and flashing silvers. Light gray stones line the wall of the house, stopped only by the deep mahogany frames that outline each dimly lit window. There is one tall door made of wood that smells deeply of pine resin.

There is only one small sign by the front door of the house. Across it is written in fancy script writing:

The Thieving House

Open 8pm - 6am

Admission: $10 for all big and small

Enter at your own discretion

The sign is is set out the day before and tonight will be opening night.

Crowds of people swarm to the house, some brought by curiosity, some by coincidence. There is a tentative buzz in the air as people wait for the grand clock to strike 8, but the general air is pleasant. Adults stand around in shorts and T-shirts, chattering away as they watch their children play. Some chose to be around others, while some sit still and stare at the crinkled bill in their hands, never having handled something of such great worth before.

At 8 o’clock, a great bell rings and attention is drawn to the front door of the House. The lights of the house flicker on and a great light show is presented to the crowd. Breaths are held as a small ticket booth cranks itself slowly out of the ground. A cheery man dressed extravagantly in deep red dances out of the booth to a silent song and booms across the mass in a grand voice,

“Welcome to the Thieving House!” A smile grows across his face as he looks around. “Tonight, admission is free!”

Cheers ring throughout the crowd as parents struggle to find their children and take back their precious bills. The doors of the house open and people begin swarming in.

The inside of the house is as magnificent as the outside, being furnished in pure gold and bright silvers. Red rugs scattered throughout the house. In the center of the lobby there was a sign:


1. All things stolen may be kept

2. Do not touch the traps

3. The Thieving House cannot be held responsible for any injuries

The End

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