By the Light of the Moon

Bits and pieces of a novel I've been working on for a while that I may or may not use as my senior project in school.

Levana wasn’t born with Drakken blood. Originally the daughter of Valora, Queen of Zott, she was to live among the Ice-Elves. But her father, Rilien, was not Elvish, so she lacked the necessary genetics to survive in Zott’s harsh climate. She was not expected to make it past infancy.

Dred’s mother, having always been an outspoken advocate for a relationship between the Drakkens and the Ice-Elves, took him to the ceremony Zott was holding on its highest peak for the sick infant princess.

The Moon, the main object of Zott’s worship had a strong relationship with Levana’s father, and loved the young child as if she were its own, graced her with its light as she began to depart the living world.

As the elves watched their young princess suffer, they became wild and frantic with their prayers. Levana’s mother was desperate, she screamed and cried, pleading frantically to the gods for help, but they turned their backs. Dred’s mother left his side to console her fellow royal, leaving the three year old prince to watch the baby on the altar.

Dred’s young self swore the Moon and the baby Levana looked to him in that moment, and an unexplainable instinct inside of him took over. Without any eyes on him, he made his way to her as best as a small toddler could. His soul rose higher in his inner core with every step he managed. The baby opened her piercing green eyes once more and stopped her crying almost immediately with just a few sniffles. She gazed up at the Drakken boy with intense curiosity.

He took the infant’s small hand in his own. He could feel his soul reach his heart as it worked with the will of the Moon’s spirit. Levana’s eyes suddenly turned blood-red before him as his soul rushed to entwine with hers. The child began to breathe easier now, as a bit of health and life began to return to her. She smiled at him, and he smiled back, and their deeply-rooted bond began.

Dred then noticed that the crowd had stopped and watched as his tiny self had managed to resurrect the daughter of Zott with the will of his cold Drakken heart.

The fusion of his soul and her heart left Levana half Drakken, and therefore no longer an eligible heir to Zott’s throne, so she became Dred’s life mate and Drake’s princess.

This was a memory that was forever burned into Dred’s mind. It was one that he cherished, but also one that reminded him that his own life relied on her now, too, and retrieving her from the thief was a do-or-die situation for him.

The memories of their unique Bond spun rapidly in his head, making it start to hurt. He rubbed his temples and got up from the wrecked wedding altar. This was no time for self-pity; Levana needed him again. He had to take action. He couldn’t give the bride thief any more of a head start.

The End

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