Chapter 2.3:

Nasa’s Hidden, Top Secret Research Facility

One of the pilots looked at her, blame and resentment spearing her mind through the glare he gave her. “Where did she come from and what did you do to her?”

“Nothing. That’s not my style.” she responded. “How would I even get her here? We were in helicopters and have no idea where this is or where the previous place we were before is or was or may be. Then if I did manage to get her here, how would I have possibly known where she was, or how would I manipulated her in any way  when I don’t know the surroundings or anything about where we are now? I barely know anything about Nasa. I only know what you told us and that we’re going to space in a vessel. Now I know we’re going to be there for just over a week. We’ll be crammed into some small space ship or rocket with people we don’t know, washing with baby wipes and probably tiptoeing around everyone in case an argument kicks off and we don’t really want to be spending time on board a tiny, sealed container with no escape with someone who wants to kill us. I also know this is the first of its type of trip and that we are all very privileged people to be able to do this. It’s just a shame we’re not the first to cross a universe, travel through a black hole or make a new discovery. We’re only a showcase for what Nasa’s been doing for centuries now. I mean, what’s so good about that? It’s not like we’re a part of anything good, is it? We’re only being test subjects for a new market that could possibly hide the fact that Nasa don’t have any more things to learn about or to explore. Everyone’s reached their limits.” she finished quietly.

“I agree.” conceded Iphegenia. “We have indeed reached the end of our tether, if you will. There is really not much more we can explore or learn unless humans suddenly decide to unlock the rest of their minds. Of the potential of the brain that we have,  barely any is actually used. Nothing is worth learning properly until we know how to unlock the minds of everyone. There is nothing more we can do for humanity or even mankind unless we can unlock what natural potential we have. What is the point of this entire endeavour? We are, like Pandora spoke about, merely test subjects for those too scared to do it for themselves. The only reason we have got this far is because the people at Nasa are hiding from the government their failures, instead realising centuries ago that they were running out of things to do with their seemingly endless grants and money allowances. They started to save up discoveries so they could use them now.”

The largest, most rotund pilot spoke loudly. “How is it that you know this then?” puzzle dripped from his voice. “How do you know this if the government  don’t know?”

“Because the government believe  what they want to believe. Think how many wars have been fought for no reason other than religion. Remember the proof that proved religion was a hoax and it was merely a story? Much like Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter, which both briefly had their own religions and followers, they were all proven to be simply books which someone wrote for enjoyment, not for people to follow. They were ideas when nobody else had any. They were specks of light shining in the darkness of other’s lack of knowledge. This is what I know. It’s not hard to work out that the government don’t actually listen to what people say. How many times have they tried to keep you quiet Irta Alice?”

Irta Alice spoke loudly above the painfully biting wind that was cutting into their very cores. “I used to have a tally, but I lost count.  At least three times for every article I’ve ever written that was published I would hazard a guess at.”

“See?” responded Iphegenia. “When someone goes against the system, they don’t like it and retaliate in any way possible. If you weren’t as well known and as well liked as  you are, you would not be here today. In fact you probably wouldn’t be in this world at all. As far as I can predict, you’d be dead. The government would have gotten rid of you years ago while you were still young, but they thought you would burn out your own flame. They didn’t think  people might actually develop a mind of their own. Most people in the government thought  they would simply get rid of you by removing you from the public eye. They can’t do that with you now though – you’re too well known and liked. You’ve managed to get people to think for themselves and improved society beyond what I would have predicted society could ever return to with only one person influencing everyone in it. You should be incredibly pleased with what you have achieved.”

Alastair jumped into the conversation. “Not to belittle anything you’ve said, but do we follow the advice she gave us and all get back into the helicopters and fly home or do we all get inside. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m freezing.”

The End

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