Chapter 2.2:

Nasa’s Hidden, Top Secret Research Facility

It was a woman wrapped in layers of old cloth. She wore them like a wrap around, mismatching and clumsily hand sewn together, but well-worn and shaped. Her hair hung loose, despite there being the smog and heavily toxic smoke around. Her hands were free of her makeshift clothes, looking delicate and intricate under the dim light from the sun. As the sun was setting, the light shone from behind the newcomer and glowed an unnatural orange. Due to the backdrop, all you could see was her silhouette in the foreground of an angelic lighting. Her shadow cast a long shadow itself and moved slightly differently, but  never quite specifically enough to make it worthwhile pointing out.

“Who are you?” shouted the smallest pilot gruffly.

“Oh please,” spoke the woman, spreading her arms as though welcoming a whole nation and people. “I am here to tell you of what I know. What I know is that if you go into that building, you shall forever be condemned. There will be nothing you shall be able to do to control the next events. Like dominos, what is left of physical laws will cease to exist and everything in this world will collapse. You cannot imagine the distress and disarray you will throw the world into once you go through those doors. Believe me. You have no other hope.”

“What proof do you have?” spoke Iphegenia. “Surely you can’t expect us to simply believe you?”

“I cannot expect anything, only hope you heed my word. I have no proof except my being here now. Of course, I know you will enter the building, but you shall soon rip the fabric of space, time and reality to shreds. Be warned: this isn’t good for the universe.”

With that, the woman walked calmly through the small crowd of thirteen people as they parted before her. As she reached the edge of the building, she whispered softly under her breath, but loud enough that they were all sure everyone in the world could have heard her. “Such a shame. You could have all gone on to live much better lives. I’m sad I couldn’t save you.” As she finished her sentence, she turned to face the group and paused briefly. With a quick step backwards, she seemed to clear the building and hang in the air for a moment. Although none would admit it, each was certain she winked before allowing herself to fall gracefully down the side of the building. Seeming to last an eternity, the fall of the mysterious gypsy played out before the assemblage. There was no struggle against the wind or the quickening rapidness at which she was travelling towards the ground. Instead, she calmly seemed to glide towards the ground, unmoving from the first position she had been in when she had thrown herself off the rooftop.

“Wow.” muttered Pandora. “That wasn’t an ominous sign at all.”

The End

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