Chapter 2.1:

Nasa’s Hidden, Top Secret Research Facility

With an almighty whoosh, the helicopters landed on another foreign building rooftop. There was no way of knowing where anywhere was – all you could see if you looked down was the smog. Further than the horizon even, there were no other buildings or other places in which anyone spent time.

As the nauseating whirring of the blades overhead slowed down and came to a stop, the bags were removed from over the various group members’ heads.

“Alright. We’re here. We’ll be here when you get back to go home again. Have fun.” said one of the pilots with a wink.

From in the distance, an eerie voice called out through the slowly growing smog. “Terrible things are about to be uncovered. Once you cross the threshold of this place – this place of the damned – there’s no going back. There’s nothing you’ll be able to do about anything you will learn. Your fates are fixed. What may have happened is not twisted and rooted deep within the events of the future. These things will happen… and there isn’t anything you can do about it..” The woman’s voice was mellifluous, nothing short of mesmerising.

From another direction there came a gentle laugh, seemingly a happy, melodic tingling giggle. Slowly it grew apparent that there was more to the laugh than at first thought. Hidden behind the laugh was a whole base of knowledge that none of the group possessed and it was obvious the pilots were even more baffled.

Again, the voice moved and spoke. “I bet you want to know who I am. I’m also willing to bet some of you want to bet I’m not a who but instead a what. I’m a mysterious person, but I suggest you heed my advice and leave this place immediately. Nothing good can come of this Rekindling Interest in Space Privatization Programme hokum. No good at all. I know you have no idea on my credibility or whom I may be, so let me show you.”

From another position in the mist and fog on the top of the huge building, a layered figure walked out into everyone’s line of sight.

The End

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