Chapter 1.4:

The Meeting of the New Team

“I’ll start. After that if we go anti-clockwise around the table, we’ll have some form of order.” offered Pandora. “I’m Pandora Eldridge, I’m fifteen years old and I’m a super hero. An interest I have is to sit alone on rooftops and write poetry. Alastair?”

“Hello, I’m Alastair Cain, I’m also fifteen years old and I’m Pandora’s sidekick. An interest I have is I like hover board tricks.”

“I’m Ophelia Moore, I’m fifteen years old as well and I am a super villain, but I would like it if you didn’t judge me from my job description, rather my personality. An interest of mine is to camp out and see how long I can survive with just my board and minimal provisions.”

“It’s nice to see so many fresh faces and to make some new  friends. I’m Irta Alice Reed and I’m twenty four. Gosh, I feel old now. I’m a journalist and a columnist and I pride myself on being open, honest and good for the public. An interest of mine is helping the local community whenever I can.”

“Hi. I’m Cruim Taylor and I’m thirty seven. I work for the government as a Member of Parliament and an interest of mine would be helping improve the community in any way I can.”

“Well hello there everyone. I have a feeling we’ll be in for a good week or so. I’m Seoras Flint, but feel free to call me whatever you wish – trust me, I’ll respond to it. I am twenty four and work for Nasa as an engineer. I pride myself with knowing every technological item Nasa has ever built, designed or even thought about. I know everything about the history of the organisation and I guess my interest would be technological discoveries in the past and technological history in general.”

“Erm. Hi. I am Faro Dainer and I am nineteen. I work for Nasa as a researcher and an interest of mine would be space in general and everything we know about it and then what we don’t know about it.”

“My name is Fowler Holme and I am also nineteen. I work in the same department and also research for Nasa. An interest of mine would be dead languages and teaching myself them.”

“I am Ezhno Inzet and I am the same age and work in the same job at Nasa. An interest of mine is historic ‘sci-fi’ or ‘science-fiction’ books, films and television programmes.”

“I guess I’m last. I am Iphegenia Nita and I’m twenty years old. I am technically a freelance scientist, but at the moment I work for Nasa. I’m well known for some of the most important breakthroughs in science. An interest of mine would be the possibility of raising a family with my girlfriend.”

Pandora spoke again. “Okay, so now the pleasantries are out of the way, does anyone know what we do now?”

Silence answered her question, confused looks being bounced around the room between strangers, none of them knowing what it was they should do. Every tiny sound was amplified through the whole room, the empty space acting as a speaker. Like the so called silence during tests at school, there are coughs, sniffles, clearing of throats, chairs scraping, people rustling papers and generally not being silent  enough.

For a few more minutes, the room stayed quiet. Slowly, like a scene from a film, the door opened with a sharp hiss, like a piston. There was no movement and all eyes were fixed at the door. Jerkily, so it startled the occupants of the room, a head popped through the dim lighted corridor doorway and scanned the room.

“Follow me.” was all the bland, paper like man said.

The End

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