Chapter 1.3:

The Meeting of the New Team

An awkward moment arises in which nobody is sure whether it is polite to talk to the people they know and acceptable to ignore everyone else at the table, or whether they have to introduce themselves and get the greetings out of the way.

Pandora decides to take control of the situation. “Hello everyone.” Talk dies down. “I think it is best if we get the awkward introductions out of the way now rather than when we are under the immense pressures of several atmospheres of pressure and then a long way away from anyone else for a while.”

Ophelia interrupts. “Why are you taking charge?”

“I’m sorry?” comes the puzzled reply from Pandora.

Alastair decides to get his money’s worth and get involved now before it’s too late. “Look. Pandora happened to be the one that said it first. I could have been any person sitting at the table,  but no, it was Pandora because nobody else wanted to take the responsibility and guiding people when they don’t know what to do.” There is a small pause while he smiles inwardly and looks up in awe at nothing in particular. He continues in a whisper.  “That’s what super heroes do.”

“Oh please, spare me the crap.” retorts Ophelia. “She gets to take charge of everything because the media and the public swivel everything so they make me look like the bad guy. It’s ridiculous and unfair.”

“Ophelia you are embarrassing and I would like to ask you to stop it politely now before I have to remind you that I am  in control of your equal rights as a person and a super villain by birth and not choice. If you wish to mess this chance up to prove to the world that super villains are only villainous as a job and actually have lives, hopes and dreams as you portray, then stop playing up in public like a small child.” responds Pandora in a quiet whisper. “Please don’t make me do that.”

Sulkily, Ophelia squeals inwardly, folds her arms in a tantrum and purses her lips so tightly they go white from the pressure.

Alastair broke the uneasy tension that had formed once again in the room. “Look. How about we all go around and introduce ourselves: you know, our names, ages, jobs and maybe an interest we have? I think it might break the tension, we’ll all get to know each other and everything will run smoother while we are up there.” he said, motioning upwards with his head.

The End

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