Chapter 1.2:

The Meeting of the New Team

Anyway, back to the people walking down the hallway. This cluster of people was the group due to be sent up on the Rekindling Interest in Space Privatization Programme, or RISPP.

Now, this collection of well-known figures includes: Pandora Eldridge, Alastair Cain, Ophelia Moore, Irta Alice Reed, Cruim Taylor, Seoras Flint, Faro Dainer, Fowler Holme, Ezhno Inzet and Iphegenia Nita. They are led by one researcher in the facility. (Incidentally, the Facility is an anagram for Forward and Critical Investigation Looking Into The Earth’s Youth, more often called that than the facility).

As they reach the end of the corridor and the sheer cut off point at which the tunnel like path becomes a solid door, the clearance card is swiped and access is granted. Surprisingly, the traditional oak door slides away and reveals a room much like the corridor, but square and larger. At the centre of the room, there stands a large round table. For each person and one more, there is a chair at the table and a thin, A4 sized booklet with some vital information for the Rekindling Interest in Space Privatization Programme participants. The booklet talks about what will happen during the week, from the moment they board the space ship to the moment they land again. It talks about how the atmospheres of pressure change to how they will eat while on board.

Each person sits, in silence and in order, around the table – anti-clockwise round. One seat is left on the far right for the man they will be meeting: Andrew Henry Jayden Pyryo.

For a few minutes, the group sit silently, growing meeker the longer they spend inside the building. Unrelieved tension builds from unspoken friction between the characters sitting at the table. After what seems like too long, a man walks into the room from the opposite side as they entered.

Andrew’s dull, monotone voice rang out in the echoing, theatre like room. “Hello, my dear, new accomplices and soon to be co-workers. I am so excited to learn about your wish to be involved in our Rekindling Interest in Space Privatization Programme here at the Forward and Critical Investigation Looking Into The Earth’s Youth Centre and secret organisation. I hope you will enjoy the programme and learn to love what we here at the Forward and Critical Investigation Looking Into The Earth’s Youth want from working with Nasa to launch the Rekindling Interest in Space Privatization Programme. Firstly, I think we should all introduce ourselves. My name is Andrew Henry Jayden Pyryo and I am going to be the person running the entire programme alongside Doctor Oscar Gary Martin Jonathon Jones who runs Nasa.”

A small sigh escapes from one of the people seated at the table. It is impossible to tell from whom it originated because the second it left the person’s mouth, it was bouncing all around the room, albeit quietly. Although it was short, it was a quick break from the monotone voice being projected at them like a constant stream of water from a hose pipe and with the inevitability of it raining when you chance a trip outside without a raincoat, dear reader.

In reality, the time passes slowly and Andrew Henry Jayden Pyryo talks about  everything in the booklet and more that they will not need. Talking to himself almost, he feeds off his own responses to what he said as he was gauging no reaction from anyone else sitting at the table by no stretch of the imagination.

At last, the blissful moment comes where Andrew Henry Jayden Pyryo has nothing left to talk about and nothing left to say. This means everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The question asking whether there are any questions is asked and none are offered, so Andrew Henry Jayden Pyryo  excuses himself and leaves the room, saying he has important business issues to attend to and matters of great importance to sort out. Nobody questions his leaving and the chatter that rises as soon as the automatic door shuts with a satisfying click, means the room is like a classroom in which the teacher has left the room for a whimsical, brief moment.

The End

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