Chapter 1.1:

The Meeting of the New Team

Noiseless excepting the walls of the corridor sending back echoes of the pounding footsteps travelling through, the closed space leads in one direction, its destination known to very few people. Sterile while plasters  the walls, blinding those not used to the unkind glare. Fluorescent lights overhead illuminate the path before the crowd of silent, following people. The blandness of everything hangs in the air and soaks into the individuals, making them lose vibrancy the further they move down the enclosure. Awkwardly, the group of strangers click their way quickly down the small passageway.

At the end of the passageway is a large, elderly, slightly rotting oak door. On the other side of the door, a great number of secrets in the world. Less than a handful of people know this place exists and even fewer know what it is and why it is there – its purpose.

This, is the facility.

Every hallway is almost exactly the same. Built like a maze, the facility is known only by those who work there. These people are few and live very secret and sheltered lives. Once they dedicated themselves to the facility, there was no going back for them. Everything they did from then on was in the facility.

There were living quarters on one side of the building, but the feeble attempts at making them habitable almost went unnoticed. Instead of the bland, heartless white, the walls were painted in a cold, harsh blue. The floors were marked with use – the only signs of life in the devoid atmosphere. The air moved unsettlingly around any movement, it becoming harder to breathe with every passing inhale. Even the few rooms for sleeping, washing, changing and eating are barely separate rooms and hardly private. Scarcely any personal items litter the bare, basic space provided to live in. There are no separate places for men and women, all are expected not to have feelings about such insignificant and trivial things such as these.

Everywhere else is all the same and scarily disinfected and humanely abstract. When enough time has passed, the insipidness seeps from the walls and the very being of the facility into the people trapped here until their last dying days. Even when those days come, there is no emotion. There is not enough recollection of a life before the facility for any of the poor scientists who are supposed to be working all their lives in this very important place.

You see, dear reader, this place is the only place left on Earth with plants and animals of every kind that has ever lived. Each and every one is closely monitored, kept safe and everything that can possibly be learned is in the process of being noted and learned by those who devote their entire beings to being here. Somewhere on your planet as you know it, there is a facility just like this, but in its earlier stages of life. I can guarantee that you will never have hear of such a place and that you will spend your whole life believing this is just somewhere in a book that is all hokum. Dear reader, you do not know how much further you could be from the truth. As only a few people know about this place because  it’s hidden in so many ways - satellite signals are blocked, people who drift too close for the government’s comfort are ‘redirected’ and there are less than ten people outside the facility that know it exists – there is no shame in knowing nothing about it. At least you know now, wonderful reader.

The End

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