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File Number 0 0 1 0 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Iphegenia Nita

Name:  Iphegenia Nita

Age:  20

Job:  A space geek and a freelance researcher very well known for a few breakthroughs before Nasa went belly up

Looks:  Her hair is very pale blonde and quite long. She usually shoves it up into a messy  bun or curls it nicely depending on what she is doing. Her eyes are grey with flecks of yellow and are really captivating. Her skin is pale but with basic make-up she looks rather beautiful. She is around average build and curvy. She usually wears dresses and girly clothes to draw attention to herself when she goes out, but when she is working she often doesn’t wear anything other than sweatpants or jogging bottoms with a tank top and a hoodie.

Traits: She likes the company of other people, but doesn’t crave it. Iphegenia has always been wise beyond her years and is forever giving her people advice about things. She spends most of her time on gadgets, learning and researching about everything possible. From a young age she has wanted to become a scientist and now has reached her goal. Most of the things she does are online and she has become addicted to its potential and usage. Almost all of her interaction is done online and the only person she has regular interaction with is her lesbian lover whom she lives with.

Further Background Notes: Iphegenia is the world’s most well respected scientists and she is always employed by someone to research something. She works alone and hates having to use teamwork to get something done.

Through her childhood, she learned faster than other children and very quickly progressed higher and higher than most other people could understand. Her parents weren’t dismissive, but they weren’t exactly supportive. From an early age she was accepted to work at Nasa and complete some research. Despite there having been a number of scientists on the research team and none of them coming up with an explanation, she managed to complete the research and explain what it was she had worked out in a few years at the age of seventeen what a team of highly skilled scientists hadn’t been able to work out in a few years.

She met her girlfriend while she was working. In her office at Nasa, she wrote equations, theories and already known facts combined. One day, Iphegenia was stuck somewhere in an equation. She knew it was wrong somewhere, but she couldn’t figure out where. Her girlfriend, then her colleague, walked in, took one look at the board, corrected the equation and walked away again. Iphegenia was then able to go on to make the breakthrough and push the boundaries of knowledge a little further than before. For a few weeks Iphegenia searched for the person who had made her breakthrough and subsequent discoveries possible. After a lot of searching, she found her.

They became friends and grew closer and then decided to start a relationship. Her family disapproved and disowned her for, what they saw as, dishonouring the family. Iphegenia didn’t care much for what they approved of and disapproved of in her life and saw this as a chance to do whatever she so wished.

She was invited by the highest authority to travel on board the vessel going into space and orbiting the planet once before returning. She accepted so she could see for herself how everything looked from such an inspiring place. From the journey, she hopes to reach a new perspective and gain more insight so she might make some more discoveries.

The End

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