File Number 0 8:

File Number 0 0 0 8 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Fowler Holme

Name:  Fowler Holme

Age:  19

Job:  A space geek and a researcher for Nasa

Looks:  His hair is rather short but not to a silly extent. It’s very dark brown and his eyes are grey flecked with green which is an unusual combination. His skin is rather pale due to spending most of his time inside. He is about medium build and average height. When he is working, he wears a shirt, tie and posh trousers with a lab coat thrown over the top, but when he is in casual dress, he usually chooses to wear jeans and geeky gamer and television programme shirts with a practical coat and safe shoes.

Traits:  His social skills are almost non-existent and he doesn’t care for other people unless the things he does for them are indirectly for himself and his own benefit. He doesn’t care for other’s feelings unless they affect him and how he works or how they act around him and treat him. All his family are disapproving of how he is and wishes he would follow the family religion and their traditions instead of going off to research and think about things all  the time.

Further Background Notes: He is a self-loving person who hates the company of others  and is constantly pushing to know more about the world and how everything works even though his family mightily disapprove of his choices in life. He taught himself several dead languages, a few made up ones and also taught himself how to read.

He spent his childhood with his family trying to convince him to be ‘normal’ and to stop learning so much. He took a dislike to their attitude and decided to ignore them completely. All his time was spent locked into the attic of the building his family lived in, turning it into a laboratory and re-enacting numerous important studies and research to see what he could discover from them and also what he could learn from each experiment. In his mind, the main goal was to see if anyone had missed anything he could pick up on and improve. Ideally, he would discover something that had been unnoticed and overlooked for years and make his name in the researching industry. There was nothing more he wanted than to become the world’s greatest mind.

Soon enough, he was accepted into a small department in Nasa to research more and see if he could open up more opportunities for more things to be created and learned. He has been in the small department for a few years now and has learned a lot about history, but has seen no more opportunities for realising something not yet known or discovered.

He is well-established in his field and knows more than the other two in his department. Often, he gets into arguments with his peers about their views and how they differ from his. Since he distanced himself from his family and many brothers and sisters from a young age, he has virtually no social skills and doesn’t know quite how to act properly around other people. He knows no rules about social etiquette and how common small talk goes and doesn’t care much to learn. He considers learning these skills would take up precious space in his memory and none of them are of any use to him as he has no interest in other people and how to interact with them. He is almost robotic in his recollection skills and it worries some people.

He became interested in the space privatisation programme and talked his way onto the vessel.

The End

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