File Number 0 7:

File Number 0 0 0 7 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Faro Dainer

Name:  Faro Dainer

Age:  19

Job:  A space geek and a researcher for Nasa

Looks:  His hair is rather shaggy and medium in length. It’s black and looks like dark brown against his dark skin tone. His eyes are dark brown and look pretty well matched with his hair. He is rather skinny and quite tall. When he is working he wears a suit he feels uncomfortable in,  but when he isn’t working he throws on jeans and a plain shirt.

Traits:  He is awkward around anyone that he doesn’t know very well and he has major issues with claustrophobia. Due to his personality flaws, he has drifted through his life without many friends, instead clinging to a small group of likeminded peers. He seems to be a nice person, but that is just a front, with an unhealthy habit of mocking those who have less than him or are not as well off as he is.

Further Background Notes: He is now a well-established researcher for Nasa and has family live far away. He uses video chat to speak to them but rarely goes to visit because he dislikes travelling and spending hours with extensive family. His family is quite rich from past times and the family fortune is split between the offspring of the next generation.

His childhood was one of loneliness and pressure. Being an only child, his mother and father were strict about how he lived his life. Instead of having a social life like most other children, Faro was condemned to spend all his time indoors, learning. He wasn’t given any time to  relax, instead pushed to discover more. The more he learned about the world and space, the more he knew he wanted to become a researcher for Nasa. He knew their research was becoming rockier and less convincing every year and he wanted to be the one to bring Nasa back to the centre of the nation’s attention once again. He read about how humans went from having nothing to advancing more than some people could follow. He read books of historical importance, but it was hard for him to learn how to read on his own.

The more he learned, the less his parents pushed for him to grow mentally. They saw the differences between him and other children and attempted to give him a social life, but he showed no interest. There was nothing more his parents could do and eventually he went to Nasa to try and make an amazing breakthrough. He was convinced that he would be able to save mankind and be the best mind the world had ever seen. Unsurprisingly, he started to research every aspect he could, searching for something he could enlighten the world of and failed.

He lives in hope that one day he might be able to find something and become the most important and significant figure the world has ever seen, but even he can see the unlikeliness.

The couple of people he works with in the small department in which he resides are the only friends he has. They have been there for roughly the same amount of time and play all the same geeky games that he loves. These colleagues of his are the closest things he has to friends.

When he heard about the space trip, he and his colleagues worked as hard as they could to fabricate something to get them onto the vessel – making it out that it is vital to their research.

The End

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