File Number 0 6:

File Number 0 0 0 6 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Seoras Flint

Name:  Seoras Flint

Age:  24

Job:  The engineer on board the space shuttle

Looks: His hair is cut short/medium in length, blonde in colour and he usually leaves it how he wakes up with it. His eyes are a dull blue mixed with flecks of grey. His skin is rather pale but looks darker due to his light eye colour and hair colour. He is an average build but quite toned due to all the manual work he does in his job. When he is working, he wears a jumpsuit with a nametag and a Nasa badge on, but otherwise he wears jeans, shirts and hoodies with trainers.

Traits:  Seoras is a good handyman with extensive knowledge on anything to do with the technical aspect of spaceships or anything Nasa has ever produced. He is really a big child at heart and people can’t help but love his personality. He is very good at what he does and likes to be around other people but doesn’t crave attention. He is quite happy not to be the centre of attention and prefers to have a large group of friends and family surrounding him rather than to be alone or surrounded by only a few.

Further Background Notes:  Seoras is a well-respected engineer and has been on most missions as the ‘techie guy’ everyone refers to when they have a problem or want something sorting out. He isn’t married and he doesn’t have children, but he likes helping out at the orphanage and distracting children from their misery, even if it is for only a few hours.

As a child, his mother died during childbirth due to irreversible complications. His father chose to save his child instead  of his wife and the decision plagued him for his entire life. When Seoras was a small child, his father was incredibly supportive and wanted the best for their son. His father worked high up in Nasa and became the main boss and director of the organisation when Seoras was nine. He always promised that Seoras would be able to run the organisation when he died. Seoras was inspired by this promise and worked as hard as he possibly could to try and work his way up the ranks as much as he could before his father died and gather as much experience as he could.

When his father died when Seoras was twenty two, instead of being put in charge of Nasa like he was promised, someone else was promoted to the position. He didn’t become jealous, instead choosing to pursue the path like his father did. Learning as quickly as he possibly could, he ascended the ranks the traditional way.

With his personality, he was well liked by most people in the organisation, with the exceptions of the man who took over his father’s role and a few of his loyal followers.

Being the best technological guy in the facility, he was sent on all vessels into space. None of his achievements were ever acknowledged by the boss, instead they were ignored and he was given more menial jobs to do each time. Nevertheless, Seoras was not perturbed by this. Instead of letting all the things working against him get him down and stop him from trying, he simply tried harder. He quickly became the only person in the organisation to know everything about Nasa’s history  and everything they had ever done. He dedicated his time to learning about everything Nasa had ever created or invented, finding out how it all worked and how he could fix it if it went wrong.

The End

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