File Number 0 5:

File Number 0 0 0 5 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Cruim Taylor

Name:  Cruim Taylor

Age:  37

Job:  An MP [Member of Parliament] (although he isn’t very far up the food chain)

Looks:  His dark hair is usually slicked back with far too much gel, making it look greasy and gross. His eyes are piercing black and his skin looks fairly normal in contrast. He is quite a small, rotund man with a slight waddle when he walks. When he is working, he wears rather old suits that look mismatched with the times and when he isn’t working, he wears embarrassing shorts and garish shirts with awful patterns and colours on.

Traits: Cruim is a crooked man with no regard for anyone other than himself. Friends are not something he knows much about due to not having many social skills. He tries to be nice to people, but he appears to be snide. Most of his time is spent alone as people don’t enjoy being around his constant negative attitude, patronising tone and cruel behaviour.

Further Background Notes:  Cruim is now an MP and more crooked than most. He is disliked by most and has never achieved much for himself. He was married and has two children from the relationship, but he is now divorced and no longer allowed to see his children for a number of abuse incidents.

When he was a child, his mother loved him more than anything else on the planet and sought to help him in whatever way he could. However his father was the opposite. He saw his child as an accident and wanted nothing to do with him or the mother, but could not afford to support himself due to his lack of job and prospects. So he stayed with the mother of his child and leeched from her, beating them both whenever he flew into a rage. Cruim grew up constantly having to hide bruises and scars given to him by his abusive father from other people. This continued throughout his childhood, only stopping when Cruim was big enough and his old man was too old to be able to defend himself.

His mother was heavily religious and always went to church on a Sunday morning. Cruim stayed at home one morning with his father and beat him to death with an iron. To dispose of the body, he lay him on his hover board and pushed him unevenly into the smog. The weight of his father tipped the board and he plunged into the smog hitting the floor with a muffled splash.

The authorities took two days to find the hover board and another twelve hours to find the body. By this time it was too damaged to  determine anything more than the gender and a name. No cause of death was ever determined.

From then on, Cruim started to train to be a Member of Parliament. His life was one of solitude and he never had any friends. He wasn’t particularly popular with any of the teachers or the many mentors he went through during his time training to do what he had always wanted to do. Everything was going against him. His mother was the only one who ever believed in him and refused to see the darkness the dwelled deep within him and that was bubbling precariously to the surface.

Once he achieved his goal of becoming a Member of Parliament, he decided he was going to try to work on his people skills. When Nasa invited him to go on the vessel, he saw it as his opportunity to showcase himself to the world.

The End

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