File Number 0 4:

File Number 0 0 0 4 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Irta Alice Reed

Name:  Irta Alice Reed

Age:  24

Job:  A journalist for the biggest newspaper company.

Looks:  Her hair is light brown with highlights of dirty blonde and often scraped back from her face into a messy bun at the back of her head. Her eyes are a light brown and her thick rimmed, black and white glasses frame her face nicely. Her skin is quite tanned and unusual. She is just shorter than average height and has a rather fragile, petite figure. When she is working she wears a sharp suit, but when she is relaxing she likes to wear dresses, skirts and blouses with pumps. She doesn’t usually wear much make-up and looks naturally appealing.

Traits:  She has a very trustworthy face, making her perfect for journalism. She is hardly ever angry and is always supportive and kind to everyone. As a result, she doesn’t have any enemies or even people who dislike her because she’s just too nice not to like. Everything she does must be to the best of her ability and she sets herself high standards. She has many friends and contacts which makes her job that bit easier. As a natural optimist, she lightens people’s moods when they aren’t too good and is good at boosting moral. One of her pastimes is to go and help the elderly, the lame and the weak whenever she can.

Further Background Notes:  Irta is a highly respected journalist well known for telling the truth and being a generally nice person. She runs a column in the paper where she acts as an agony aunt as well as the head article in each weekly paper. She is very fair and always shows both sides of any argument or issue that arises.

When she was young, she aspired to help people. As a result, she has always worked in any charity and at any event she could. This raised her profile and she became a household name. Her parents supported her and tried to give her everything they could, even if they couldn’t really give anything else to her. For years Irta grew up helping people and becoming a walking miracle. When she landed the job in writing the column, she thought she might be able to bring about some change and get problems viewed and fixed.

People began to listen to her and improve the community and everything Irta suggested was considered. The further into issues she delved, the more pressure was put on her by the government to stop. The government didn’t want the people to start to develop minds of their own like Irta had, but it was too far along in the process for them to make her disappear without people to question where she was. The government had to make do with pushing her to talk about mundane things such as whose family friend should date who, but Irta disapproved of the waste of ink. She wanted to talk about the real issues there were in life and try to make everything better for everyone. Her optimism shone through in everything she did and it was infectious.

Nasa got in touch with her because of how well she was doing for herself and offered to send her to space as another controversial subject she could write about and use to inspire other people to live their dreams rather than what they are told they should do. The idea appealed to Irta and she accepted, albeit a little apprehensively. She hopes nothing more than something inspiring to come from her experience.

The End

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