File Number 0 3:

File Number 0 0 0 3 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Ophelia Moore

Name:  Ophelia Moore

Super Villain Name:  The Black Mamba

Age:  15                         

Power(s):  She can create shadows that can take any form and as well as  her lips being poisonous.

Looks:  Her hair is black, like the clear sky at midnight and her eyes are a startling blue that looks mismatched. Her skin tone looks white when in contrast with her hair and her eyes. She is smaller than average height, and her build is more petite than most. When she isn’t wearing her super villain costume, she is usually wearing jeans and hoodies or her training gear. She always wears a lot of make-up but keeps her skin pale.

Traits:  She is very easily angered and doesn’t care about showing her emotions. She very often isn’t happy and she can always find something to moan about or to dislike. She doesn’t have any friends and considers herself not to have family since she disowned them when they disapproved of her going into Super Villain School. She has always come at the top of the class and has realised that the facility is teaching them how to lose against the opposition. Ophelia has never had friends and doesn’t like other people who are better than her or have something she doesn’t that she wants. It’s characteristic of her to dislike people upon meeting. She also has small man syndrome.

Further Background Notes:  Now Ophelia has graduated the way the school wanted her to, she is free to practice how to win against  her arch enemy, Pandora Eldridge, and her sidekick, Alastair Cain. She is very talented and her achievements outnumber those of any other student at the Super Villain School.

When she was a child, her parents attempted to spoil her and grant what they thought should be her every wish, but she didn’t care for what they thought she should be like. For years they made her ballet dance, gave her only dresses, skirts and blouses to wear and made her take elocution lessons. She despised how she was forced to live and just wanted to live how she chose to live. Her powers shone through while she was a small child and she began to openly use them and practice. Her parents disapproved but couldn’t do anything about it because Ophelia was more interested in the shadows than listening to them.

She was sent off to Super Villain School, much to the disappointment of her parents, and began to work on her social skills. Ophelia quickly learned that nobody there wanted to take instruction and be under her command, so she distanced herself away from all the others. With her time for socialising used instead for studying, she began to look at cases from the past. She saw how every super villain that was ever in a fight during their time as part of a trifid lost the big fight and failed to reach their goal. The further into the subject she delved, the more she learned about the similarities between all the super villains that had been produced from her school. She worked out what everyone kept doing wrong and changed her plans accordingly, albeit in secret.

Ophelia went on to graduate having spent most of her time alone. She bases her work in an abandoned house in one of the rougher parts of town. She lives alone and spends most of her time alone, planning and plotting against the other two in her trifid, hoping to get to be the first to win.

The End

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