File Number 0 2:

File Number 0 0 0 2 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Alastair Cain

Name:  Alastair Cain

Sidekick Name:  Zephyr (from Greek, meaning strong wind)

Age:  15

Power(s):  Strength and speed.

Looks: His hair is naturally a mix of light brown and dark brown. He has it medium length most of the way around and then a long curly fringe down to his eyes. His eyes are a smooth, dark hazel and his skin looks pale in contrast. His face is unbroken and clear from any freckles or anything else. He is slightly taller than average and his build is quite muscular, but not overly so due do his speed ability. When he isn’t wearing his sidekick costume, he usually wears band t-shirts, skinny jeans and vans.

Traits:  He quite often shows his emotions and can barely hide them. This can be both a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the situation. He is quite popular with everyone and has very few enemies. He is  emotionally immature and shares a lot of characteristics with that of a child. One person can assume control over what he does if he sees them as an authoritive, parent type figure. His parents are his one kryptonite and they are the only people who can bring him out of his moods or assume complete control. His social skills aren’t bad, but he needs a lot of practice. He prefers to be around others otherwise he feels lonely and unwanted. He never grew up alone and so craves the company of others.

Further Background Notes:  Alastair is a well-liked individual with barely an enemy in the world. He tried immensely hard in every class he ever took and always, as a result, came out on top. Nobody could dislike him for it, because they all saw how much effort and time he put into studies and how nice he is. He has recently graduated and been trifid with Pandora Eldridge, his super hero, and Ophelia Moore, their super villain.

His childhood was one full of love and protection. His mother and father were supporting of him no matter what he did and are the only ones who he will listen to unconditionally. He shares these traits with children because his childhood dream was never fulfilled. While others wanted to be accountants, work in the government and to be doctors, Alastair wanted nothing more as a child than to be a superhero. He saw how they were treated and he wanted that same affection. Nothing would have made him happier. When his powers developed, he was happier than any other person on the planet. It turned out that his powers weren’t strong enough to allow him to get into Super Hero School, instead being put into Sidekick School.

He craved attention and recognition all the way through his school life and has now graduated with better marks than any other sidekick before. Alastair was always surrounded with people, no matter what he did or where he went. The one thing he looked forward to more than anything else in the world was when he was going to be trifid.

When he isn’t on a mission or training hard, he likes to visit his family. He doesn’t get to see them often and disagrees with most of their views, but they enjoy his company and his morals say he should go regardless of what he thinks, as it’s not for his benefit. Anyone who doesn’t view his kind like he does is instantly unliked by him.

The End

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