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File Number 0 0 0 1 – Project : Planet Earth (Experiment number 7 8, 2 5 4, 0 0 9)

The Short History of Pandora Eldridge

Name:  Pandora Eldridge

Superhero Name:  Brainstorm

Age:  15

Power(s):  Telepathy, teleportation over short-ish distances and telekinesis.

Looks:  Her hair is naturally red-y orange and she has it cut asymmetrically short on one side and to about bob length on the other. Her large eyes are green and striking when paired with her hair. Her skin is quite fair and she has a few freckles dotted daintily on her face. She is around average height, build and is quite toned due to her training. When she isn’t wearing her superhero costume, she usually wears dresses, brogues, blouses, skirts and the like. Sometimes she wears make-up, but she doesn’t need much.

Traits:  It takes a lot to move her to any other emotion, which helps her with controlling her powers. When she is angry, she is a force to behold. When she has made friendships, they are unlike those you would expect. Pandora hardly ever spent time with anyone other than herself, but whenever anyone needed her she was there. She is a good listener and wise beyond her years, but never wants to admit the things she is good at. Her personality is focused and she hardly ever gets distracted. More often than not she follows her gut instincts and they or usually correct. She doesn’t have many social skills but more than makes up for it by being there when people need her. Despite this, she has space issues. Due to spending most of her free time alone, she prefers to have her own space to do whatever she so wishes.

Further Background Notes:  Pandora is a girl of high standing, despite her young age of fifteen. She is a very talented super hero and coasted through training at the top of the classes, despite not trying. Although she was there because she’s very good at what she does, she recently graduated and has been what is referred to as ‘trifid’ with two other people. These would be her sidekick, Alastair Cain, and her arch enemy, Ophelia Moore.

Her childhood was one of loneliness and without her parents. They were killed in a freak accident during which their hover board malfunctioned and threw them into the smog. Pandora was the only one of the three whose costume didn’t tear completely and kill her quickly. Instead, her protective clothing was scuffed and her breathing mask was banged, letting the smallest amount of smog in. The damage let the smog touch her a little more than it should have. This is believed to be the cause of her power, although this can never be determined.

From the accident she went straight into Super Hero School and learned the ways of her new kind. She never really made many friends and preferred to keep her distance from the other kids in the facility. There was never any nastiness in what she said or did, to be alone, Pandora just wished for solidarity and dreaded the day that would eventually come where she would graduate and be forever trifid. To distract her from this, she has thrown herself into training well beyond everyone else’s standards and sometimes bypassing free time instead to train.

Although she is very good at using her powers and her training, she has a negative attitude to the very idea of superheroes, sidekicks and super villains. She wants nothing more than to get away from the life she leads and live one of ease like the children she watches from the tops of buildings occasionally when she is on a mission or training.

The End

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