Prologue: 0.3

The possible future of your planet in your universe, the present of this Earth in this universe.

Up until now, the current planet Earth seems a fearful place, doesn’t it? It appears to be awful, cold and unaccepting. For the most part, you’re right, but there is something I haven’t told you about yet. Before society crumbled and the human race went backwards to the way it chooses to live now, genetic advancements were made. Yes, superheroes and super heroines were created. Sidekicks and super villains came afterwards, but they all descended upon the world. Stories and comics no longer had to be imagined. Instead, you could just turn on the news and see a recent story with footage of how yet another superhero had saved someone or something and stopped the super villain with the help of their trusted sidekick.

Schools were set up for the children with these genetic mutations. There is one for superheroes, one for sidekicks with less effective or powerful genetic mutations, or as you might call them, powers. Another school that exists is the one for super villains. Each school teaches the important rules of having each role and encourages the pupils to develop their powers as far as possible. Then, when the staff think the pupils are ready, they finish school and are put into threes. One superhero, one sidekick and one super villain. Lasting for their entire life spans, this decision is important and has to be right.

Although this is a positive thing, there are still many negative sides to even this positive. For example, the mess the make and destruction they cause is unruly. With all their powers and abilities, it is so much easier for them ruin towns and where people live. It’s a wonderful spectacle to behold when they are mid battle, but other than that it’s just a nuisance. All that and they make someone else clean up after them and expect to be greeted with open arms and love. It’s rude if you ask me.

Even with all of this going on, NASA are still going. After running out of options, you would have thought they would have been closed down by now. Give them their due though, they ran out of things to research years ago, but they have managed to keep that hidden from all the important government officials by using large words. As a last push for something they can do they are making space travel private. It’s a wonder they didn’t do this before society collapsed. They reached their physical and technological boundaries hundreds of years ago and what they have been doing since then is a mystery to everyone. Now it’s simply a case of counting down the years, months, days or hours until someone finds out and they are stopped and disbanded. For now, their illusion of progress isn’t harming anyone and it shouldn’t be too long until someone discovers something that one clumsy scientist leaves lying around where any nosy Member of Parliament can find it.

To add to the suspense, the vessel they will be sending up will do one circuit of the Earth and then come back down again. It should take around a week and to set the kind of standards NASA want on their space programmes, they have hand-picked a selection of well-known and famous people. For the few more weeks NASA may be able to last, they want to be remembered as high class and a good thing. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to pull off.

The End

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