Prologue: 0.2

The possible future of your planet in your universe, the present of this Earth in this universe.

Iron running along the ground from old piping systems and cables has been magnetised and where they are lay is where the modern equivalent of streets are said to be. No longer are cars, buses and the like used – they have become too dangerous to operate and instead hover boards are used. These boards use a combination of magnetism and propellers to create a simple system which moves. You could think of them as hovering skateboards that you don’t have to push if it helps you, dear reader.

To these people, everything that was once normal would now be alien to them. Animals are no more than a legend. Passed down through word of mouth since very few people can read now, rumours and legends of all animals from tigers to whales to dogs to wombats. None of these exist anymore, except in the facility, but that’s unknown to most people. An equivalent to Area 51 if you like. Instead people sit around and watch the television, each day their vision deteriorating until the inevitable point of complete blindness. Hearing also deteriorates with the noise of the television and the music that is blasted out during the daylight hours. Music and television are the only technological items to have survived through the slow destruction of mankind.

The government control every aspect of everyone’s life. From the moment a child is born until the moment it dies at whatever age it is allowed to live until, every second is decided by someone else. Whereas in your day and age, dear reader, your range of choices are nearly endless, now it is much different. You can chose what job you want to do, which friends you have, what you eat, what you wear, what you say, what you think, what you feel and so much more than that. Dear reader, you don’t realise how free you are. Everything these people do is controlled by the government. Nobody does anything surprising, nobody excels at anything unless the government want the person to excel. Nobody speaks to anyone the government don’t want them to speak to. There is nothing they have left out of the equation to  be figured out by the people. Everything and anything that is newer or older than the government like is unaccepted and unwanted in what passes for society. The only group of people this doesn’t apply to are the rebels.

The rebels were signed off as a lost cause by the government when they were born. There were no tests… someone from the government came along, took one look at these children and deemed them worthy only of a life of struggling and hardship. No harder life is lived in these times, than those of the rebels. Although there have always been people who struggle throughout life and social classes, there is a new class. Lost Causes. They are deemed lower than lower class. Even lower than the most poorly treated slaves were classed in history.

By living in the old cities and using the masses of hidden cables and piping there to get around on hover boards they have fashioned themselves from things they find around the abandoned structures, the rebels survive. Sometimes the vile smog kills one of these people, but they survive quite well regardless. These are the people who can experience thinking for themselves. Nobody tells them what to do, where to go, who to see, what to think or what to feel. These are the people who experience life as it was meant to be. These are the people who have fun and enjoy life, even though they have to work it out for themselves first. These people are not robot people like in the densely populated areas these days, these people live life as it should be. These are men and women who learn from mistakes the same as you and any other person you know today, dear reader, and many people you don’t know. These are the real human beings, not the fake mockery of life the government control.

The End

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