Prologue: 0.1

The possible future of your planet in your universe, the present of this Earth in this universe.

You probably wouldn’t recognise the world if you looked at what was before each person there today. Buildings tower high above the choking smog, obscuring the grime covered ground from view. Wisps of pollution curl in the torturous atmosphere, threatening fatality and looming doom for some. When the sun goes down, the poison thickens and is inescapable. With the morning light comes it becomes less dense and less threatening. No longer can people be outside during the hours of dark, instead having to work outside during the daylight hours. Even then protective clothing has to be worn. Masks that filter the foul air are strapped to every person’s mouth, only taken off once they have reached the safety of indoors. Not only does the vulgar haze make breathing a hazard, it obscures vision quite badly.

Society has crumbled. From the splendour the human race had risen to, the advances in technology and the new discoveries, a long fall awaited them. Once they reached a point where they could no longer advance anymore due to limitations in the mind capacity of even the most profound of scientists, there was a sense of bewilderment. Nobody knew what to do anymore. Instead of  staying at a constant, the quality of life began to lower and society couldn’t cope with the strain. It didn’t take long for society to crumble and for people to struggle to survive the harsher conditions.

Although most diseases were wiped out hundreds of years ago, still one or two people become ill. They become ill, not from the bacteria, viruses or fungi that are still occasionally spotted, but from the toxic gas outside. No cures have been found and the effects are fatal.

Old cities which are home to your population have long since been abandoned. Instead of standing tall and swelling with pride like they used to as you know them, they have sunk and now cower away from light, casting short shadows. To one not accustomed to both stages of the world’s life span, the once grand but now rusted foundations would just appear to be mysterious and old. They wouldn’t know about the historic value of these great expanses of history. None of them would be able to dream of the world which operated every day around them without a second thought to what might one day happen to these magnificent pieces of architecture. The only ones who truly understand and appreciate the wonders are the rebels, but more of them later.

The End

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