The Text that started it all.

Laurie looked at her watch for the 10th time, she couldnt believe Dan was so late, he promised he would be home from work early, and again he lied.

Laurie was not stupid, she knew something was going on with his co-worker, Lisa. They were always texting constantly, as in 24/7. She kept asking him if there was anything going on and he kept saying no there wasnt and even though she knew deep down he was lying, she took his word for it.

"I am going to kill him when he gets back" she said to herself. She picked up her phone and texted him- hey u promised 2b hme early, yet ur late again, r u wiv Lisa?look i need u 2cool the friendship wit her as i cnt handle it, u 2 got so close so quickly tat its threw me on my arse!neway, hurry hme love u xxxxx-She pressed the send button and 5min later she got a reply-Jus havin a drink, i wnt cool friendship dnt ask me to do that-Laurie couldnt believe it, she knew it, it felt like a steel rod had been pierced through her heart and she sent back-WOT????i cant believe u dan u act as tho ur in her love wit her, choose.. her or ur family?.

The End

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