Chapter Five: Spit Fire

'There, just between the houses he could be seen. The boy was hiding in the shadow, poised for the attack.

Unknowingly, someone would walk into his trap. If only I could get a clear shot! The girl thought as he aimed her gun in that direction. 

The sky was slowly growing darker, as the sun set and the clouds swirled overhead. There would be rain. I could smell it in the air. Now, if only I could-'

Scolding hot liquid splashed all over Chrysanthemum and she jumped up with a  shriek. Her soaked book fell to the floor in the process.

"What the-!" Shocked and infuriated that her new book was ruined, Chrysanthemum looked up eyes narrowed to see who had thrown the coffee at her.

What she saw surprised her but didn't cool her temper. A tall, pale skinny boy stood there frozen. His eyes were wide and locked on her. He actually looked kinda terrified.

In any other situation she would have shrugged it off and told the guy it was fine.

But no.

Not only was her new book ruined, but her clothes and hair were also victims of his clumsiness. "Seriously, you can't see I'm sitting here?" She said as she tried to shake the coffee off of her arms.

"I-I'm really sorry, I was just in a hurry and my brother was texting me."  He began to ramble in a strong British accent. The boy nervously ran a hand through his dark brown hair.

"So you thought it would be a bright idea to check your Phone while holding two hot coffee's?!"

"No, actually one was a tea..." He corrected timidly.

"Same difference! It was a stupid move! All you had to do was make a choice not to reach for your phone!" She shouted at him. Chrysanthemum did not care how cute his accent was, he was not getting off until he fixed all of this.

The boy went to open his mouth to try to say something. More like try to defend his pathetic claims how this wasn't his fault. However, another guy came walking up to him.

"Charles!" The second guy called loudly. "I've texted you like, 50 times! Get your lazy butt out here or-" His voice cut off when he saw Chrysanthemum standing a crossed from the boy.

Chrysanthemum turned to glare at him. "Or you'll what! Throw coffee at him. I'd love to see this." She said angrily.

"Or mom and dad will kill us for being late to dinner." The new guy finished. He stepped over to them. "What happened here?"

The boy suddenly was very interested in his shoes.

Chrysanthemum noted that even though they looked like  brothers their accents were very different. This new guy had a thick southern draw to his words, while the paler on had a heavy British accent. It was very strange really.

"This genius threw his coffee on me, and my book." She waved her hands around. 

"And tea.." Charles added.

"I don care! It was hot liquid!" 

The nameless guy clucked his tongue, shaking his head. "Oh Charles…" he looked at the her. "I'm sorry about my little brother. He can be a bit clumsy at times."

"Hey!" Charles was trying not to turn red but it wasn't working well

"He ruined my book. And a perfectly good outfit." Chrysanthemum glared.

The Texan sound one looked shocked. "Charles! I can't believe you! Ruining this poor girl's clothes and book! And a pretty girl at that."

Charles was slowly turning more and more red. 

Chrysanthemum was finding herself more amused then angry, especially when this other guy called her pretty.

"Don't you agree that she's pretty, Charles?" He grinned, nudging Charles.

Charles nodded, not looking up. 

The other guy laughed and turned back to her. "Look, I'm sorry again. I'm Chris, by the way. And this is my brother Charles. I'll make sure that he makes that up to you."

Chrysanthemum smiled a bit at Chris. "I'm Chrysanthemum.. And I would love to know how he's going to make it up to me."

"Well, he can start by buying you a new shirt and book. And dinner too."

Charles glared at his brother.

"Dinner? Wow that's rather generous of him." She smirked looking between the brothers. 

Chris nodded. "He really is a nice guy once you get to know him."

"Oh yeah? And what are you? A terribly guy once people get to know you?" Chrysanthemum raised an eyebrow in a teasing fashion. 

Chris grinned. "Well, I have been told."

She nodded slowly. "How am I supposed to get a new book and shirt if you guys are late for dinner?" She put her hands on her hips. 

"We'll have to meet up anther day." Chris told her.

"I guess we will." Chrysanthemum agreed.

Chris pulled out his phone and handed it to her. "Go ahead and put in your number."

Chrysanthemum looked up at him. Eyebrow raised. "And how do I know that this isn't just some stunt to get my number?" 

Chris grinned and just winked at her.

"Tell you what, I'm not going to give you my number. We can meet back up here on Wednesday." She said 

Chris laughed, pulling his phone back. "Okay. Fair enough."

Chrysanthemum glanced back at Charles who had stayed quiet and out of their conversation. "See you then, I guess." 

"See you." Chris grabbed his brother by the shoulder, pulling him towards the door.

Chrysanthemum shook her head as she watched them go. Those two were an interesting pair. She started to wonder what she'd gotten herself into as she picked up her ruined book.


The End

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