Chapter Four: Coffee

Chris had lived up to part of his promise to take Charles out for the day. He hadn't kept up the part about telling him what was wrong though. He just wasn't sure if he'd be able to handle the heartbroken look on Charles' face.

So instead he tried to keep him distracted. They'd spent the morning racing their horses, and then went out to lunch before going go carting. Then on the way home, Chris got a sudden craving for a cup of coffee.

Charles frowned. "But mum and dad want us home for dinner."

Chris glanced at him. "If you hurry, we will be. I'll wait in the car."

Charles sighed. "Fine. But I'm getting a tea too."


Chris dropped him off at the door and Charles walked in. He rolled his eyes when he saw how long the line was. He let out another sigh as he stepped up. It felt like forever before he finally ordered and stepped to the side.

He heard Chris honk the horn of his old truck outside and Charles made a face at his brother. It took another eternity for the tea and coffee to be ready, and by that point Charles' phone was going crazy from his brother texting him.

Charles reached into his pocket to pull the phone out as he was walking. He wasn't exactly paying attention to where he was going, and ended up hitting the corner of a table. With his elbow.

Which sent both coffee and tea flying.

Straight onto the girl sitting at the table.

The End

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