Chapter Three: Coffee Time

There wasn't much that had happened today. Usually Chrysantheum found something about the day that was either really good or really bad. However to dag she could find neither.

She'd woken up, propped against the bay window. Her shoulders and back were screaming at her.

Ugh.. she had to remember to get some pillows for the reading nook..

Groaning she stood and stretched. She should finish putting her room together but, she really wanted to get back to town. It was one of the only times she might be able to slip away without needing to do homework or run errands for her mom. 

Chrysantheum bit her lip as she looked at her shelves, already filled with books. She knew exactly what she was going to do today.


Chrysantheum had her bag slung accorded her body as she walked the streets. The breeze was blowing her blonde hair all over the place. Chrysantheum just smiled. She'd already been to the bookstore. She had to stop herself from spending all her cash there.. in the end she decided on three books with the help of the cashier. 

Chrysantheum hummed to herself as she looked around for something else to do. There was an old theater... a dinner... oh a cute little coffee shop! 

She grinned. It looked like a perfect place to read! She stepped into the cafe and the atmosphere just washed over her. 

It was warm and the smell of coffee made her grin. Chrysantheum walked up to the counter and ordered a cinnamon roll with a raspberry chocolate mocha.  

She paid for her order and found a cozy booth next to the door. It didn't take long for her to get lot in the pages of the story.

The End

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