Chapter One: Chrysanthemum

There's a point in peoples lives that can change the course of a persons destiny.
For some, it's something big, like moving halfway across the world. For others, it's something as simple as spilt coffee. But no matter what, these moments help to shape people into the person they are to become.

Three young people were going about their normal day when one such point occurred. All three lives were completely turned around in that one moment. They will learn that sometimes change is good, and

It was a warm day in the middle of September. The Texas sun was still beating down on everyone in town. It should have been starting to cool, especially in the evenings but the year had been one of the hottest on record. There was a lot of doubt going about if the temperature would get any where near the thirties for Christmas that year. 

It was move in day. Chrysanthemum had her long blond hair  pulled up into a messy bun as she carried boxes into the new house.

Mr. Sniggawitz, her father, had spent the past year building her moms dream house.  From the outside it looked pretty nice.

"Oh, Peeta Sniggawitz...." Her mom, Martha sighed as she looked up at their new home. "It's just perfect." She smiled turning to her husband.

Peeta came around the car and put his arm around his wife. "I'm glad you like it." He smiled and kissed his wife's cheek.

Chrysanthemum rolled her eyes at her parents. They could act so in love one moment then mom would be bickering the next. It was pretty funny to watch some days. Other times it was just annoying. She wondered if they would ever really find a happy medium.

Probably not.

Chrysanthemum stepped into the house and looked around slowly. This was the first time she'd been inside after it had been finished.  She used to come by after classes when she was finishing up her senior year, to help her dad with little projects. But, her classes down at the community college had kept her pretty busy lately.

The oak floors had a dark stained finish on them and the walls were a pretty sage color in the main entry. 

It looked good. Really good. Chrysanthemum mentally congratulated her father again. This has been his prized project and she was happy to see that it had really come together in the end. That and she didn't want to live in a house that could collapse at any moment. 

She ran up the stairs to find her room, taking the steps two at a time. Chrysanthemum told her dad that she wanted a corner bedroom with a huge bay window. That's all she had asked for in this new house. Chrysanthemum pocked her head into the first door at the top of the stairs. Office? No... maybe this would be moms sewing room? She walked down the hall peaking into each room she passed, trying to guess what they would be used for.

She finally came to the end of the hallway. This was the last door up here. The big game room was on the other side of the hallway. So this had to be her room, or else she would just have to pick on of the plain ones.

Crossing her fingers under the box,  Chrysanthemum slowly nudged the door open with her foot. Her eyes were squeezed shut until she could see the sun light through her eyelids. Chrysanthemum to a deep breath and opened her eyes.

She gasped loudly. "Oh.. wow.." Chrysanthemum set the box down and gave a squeal of delight. Her father had not only given her a huge bay window, with a built in reading nook, but he'd made her several book shelves. Facing the back yard there was a set of double doors that lead to a little balcony. She gasped again and rushed out on to it. This was definitely her favorite house by far!

Chrysanthemum rushed out of her room and down the hallway to the banister. "Dad!" She called happily.

Mr. Sniggawitz waltzed into the entry way so that he could be seen from the banister, his hands deep in his pockets. "Yes, Peaches?" He smiled a knowing smile.

"It's perfect!" Chrysanthemum beamed.

Mr. Sniggawitz was about to open his mouth when a cry came from the kitchen.

"Oh, Peeta! How could you. I specifically told you that I didn't want white appliances." Mrs. Sniggawitz cried out.

Chrysanthemum and her father shook their head in unison. "You better go fix that."

He shrugged and grinned lazily. "Eh, I'm sure there's more your mother will find wrong with the house before the day is up."

Chrysanthemum laughed. "You better get out your note pad then." She rested her elbows on the banister railing and shook her head as her father pulled a pad of paper out of his back pocket.

"Way ahead of you." He grinned. "I've been on this rodeo more then once."

Chrysanthemum laughed and waved to her father as walked away. She turned back to her bedroom already thinking of curling up in her new reading nook.

The End

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