The World in the Supply Closet

Feeling the cool, musty air of the supply closet soothe his irritated mind, Harris began to relax.  He decided all he needed to do was approach the troglodyte across their desks with a large course of endorphins running thorough his system; then The Tenwolde would be much less irritating to him.  

While there were some tried and true ways to increase endorphins, the 30 degree temperature outside precluded a nice long run.  And he's get only a quarter of a mile before his body would betray him with a hacking smoker's cough.  

Raiding the post-Christmas chocolate offerings on the desks of his co-workers would help, as long as the supply could be maintained in the face of The Tenwolde.  So, he figured, an hour or two at most, and an upset stomach to boot.  

Perhaps he could start a torrid office affair.  Surely the excitement would offset the pompous banality sitting across from him that threatened his very soul.  Maybe Polly down in Accounting could be convinced to forget that she was engaged to a fireman...

Harris realized none of these ideas were going to work for his current situation.  And he could hide in the supply closet for only so long before someone noticed his absence.  He decided to seek as much of a shopping high as he could accomplish, picking up the needed pencils in addition to an extreme variety of paper clips, wondering if the bosses would mind him building a screen with them and hanging it from the ceiling between his desk and The Tenwolde's.  

Surely they would have mercy on him.  

The End

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