Day Two-Mid afternoon.

I have never been a very organized person, but  when I started couponing I learned quickly to make lists. Knowing the lay out of the store , and listing my items accordingly has saved me time and kept me from pulling my hair out. My first foray with a binder of coupons, I left the store three hours later and exhausted from walking from one end to the other trying to find everything I wanted. 

I now have six and a half days to get my storage unit completely stocked. So I am going to spend the rest of this afternoon making lists, then get up bright and early tomorrow morning to start all the shopping. I figure my best bet is to head to Dallas to get most of the items I need, so tonight I will rent a truck. My next door neighbor Margie agreed to drive me, after I promised to let her have my trailer when I left. Her house is even smaller and older than mine. She didn't ask any questions, and I did not volunteer any information. Margie is a retired bus driver, so a box truck should be a piece of cake for her.

According to the documents, Tellus has plenty of edible vegetation, and wild hogs and cattle. There is already a small settlement of natives that we will be able to trade with for things like cheese and bread and produce,  but we were warned to not depend on this as a major supply of food.  I get the impression from the carefully worded doc that the natives may not be too friendly. Fresh water will be readily available so that will not be a concern.





4.Trade Goods

5.Health items


Shelter--There are currently eleven buildings already erected, and the people who stock their  storage units the greenest will  get dibs. I mean to be one of those eleven, but just in case, the army surplus store will be my first stop. I can get a large heavy duty tent there, plus some other items. I can always sell it or trade it once I get there. As for furniture, all I really need is a bed, a table and some chairs. I can get everything DIY, and put it together once I get there. Take up less space that way. 

Food--When you cook for one, you usually take a lot of short cuts, and eat a lot of take out. As I looked around my kitchen, I realized just how much I relied on electricity. Microwave, stove, bread machine,blender, mixer. All those things would not be coming with me. I can cook from scratch, but how long had it been since I had truly cooked a full course meal? And with no electricity, or even gas?  Using a camp fire would be a new experience, and I would have to plan accordingly. I was counting on my cooking skills to be one of my advantages on Tellus. 

Clothing--I have no idea what style of dress the natives wear, and can find no info on it in the reader,so I am going to play it safe. Jeans of course, denim lasts a long time, and all cotton shirts. Leather work boots, and loafers. Do they make leather athletic shoes? Something to research.I anticipate losing the bit of extra weight I currently have, because, hey, no junk food. So I will stock up on some smaller sizes along with my usual ones. 

Trade goods--I am sure there will be things I will forget, so I am counting on doing some trading with fellow colonists and natives, too. Even though Tellus is Earth like, the natives may not have things like coffee and tea, and chocolate, so I am going to stock extra of those things to barter with.

Health items--I am pretty healthy, but with no drug stores, things like pain relievers and antiseptics will be crucial to stock.  Thanks to watching all those doomsday prep shows, I know of ways to get things like antibiotics, and thanks to the neighborhood I live in, getting harder drugs should be easy.

Entertainment--Books, books and more  books. The biggest thing I will miss will be music. Hopefully a few musicians have been recruited. Playing cards are all coated in plastic I think, but I am still going to stock them. If  I am careful with my other choices, then I can make allowances on thing like this. I know it will be impossible to not have anything plastic at all, the recruiters even said so, but the less the better my chances of being in the top eleven.

So now that I have my basic lists, its time to get detailed.

The End

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