Point of no returnMature

Day Two

The trailer I live in is not very big, an old school single wide. Not much room to begin with, and my latest haul from couponing took up what extra space I had. Looking around, I realized there was not much here with any sentimental value. Nothing that I couldn't live without.Made it easier to decide what to take, and what to leave behind. That is, if I took Mr Pettyjohn up on his offer.

I had less than twenty four hours to give him a decision. If I opt out, my memory will be erased. When we were told that at the recruitment seminar, some scoffed in disbelief, but not me. There was something in the way Mr. Davis  looked when he said it that made me sure he was telling the truth.

The information packet we were given was on the table in front of me, and I hesitated to open it. Inside was a credit card, and a list of contraband items along with several other items. Forbidden items would void the agreement if we tried to sneak them into our storage unit. Oh, you would still get to go to Tellus, but with no supplies what so ever.

Tellus. We weren't told too much about the planet, other than it is Earth like in atmosphere and terrain. According to Mr. Davis, we could stock our supplies as if we were going to somewhere here on Earth. The logical part of my brain told me that we probablywould be going some place on Earth. That this was some kind of psychological experiment. But the part of my brain that believes in UFO's and Big Foot, and the Loch Ness monster also believes that the offer is legit. It may not be the smart thing to do, but that's the part I am going to listen to.

The decision finally made, I emptied the contents of the envelope across the kitchen table. Along with the credit card, there was a set of keys, and what looked like an ereader. Also a small booklet I assumed was the contraband list. Flipping through it, I didn't see anything that I would risk trying to smuggle in. It's going to be hard to adjust to no electronics, but I've had my electricity cut  off enough to know I will survive. No guns? No problem, I don't know how to shoot anyway.

No compatible power source is the reason we were given for no appliances. No internet, no phones, no television or radio. For some of us, Tellus is going to be a very dull place. But nothing says I can't bring books. The TBR pile next to the sofa caught my eye, and I smiled. Maybe I would finally have enough time to get them all read. No distractions.

Picking up the tablet, I see it has  a stripe reader down the right side of the touch screen. I gently tapped it,  and the screen lit up.  In the center are two words, yes and no.I reached to touch yes, and realized my hand was shaking. This was it, no going back. I looked around once again.Give all this up to travel to another planet and start a new life with no debt? My hand steadied, and I tapped yes. I was instructed to slide the card through the reader.

When we given our packets, Mr. Davis told us about the credit cards. Not all of them had the same spending limits. You would not know how much funds were at your disposal until you accepted the agreement. The lowest amount would be 10,000, the highest 250,000. With the exception of two cards, and those would  be unlimited.  I held my breathe as I slid my card. There was no doubt in my mind that I would get the lowest amount. I couldn't even win three dollars in the lottery. Never stopped me from playing though. Always been an optimist at heart.

When unlimited flashed across the screen, I thought I was going to pass out. But a flashing box in the upper left of the screen caught my attention. It was counting down. I now had less than 168 hours to get my storage locker completely stocked. A small box popped up in the middle, and I was told to place my thumb in it. My print was now stored, and only I could use the tablet. The box was replaced with list of documents, instructions I could pull up when needed.

I took the tablet to the sofa, grabbing  a cup of coffee on the way. I had some reading to do. 

The End

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