The Visit from a Star.

'I'm going to the toilets.' Livia Said standing up and walking up the Spiral steps to the second floor. 'I'll be back soon.' She called from the top of the steps before she was out of sight. Calvin And Reanne sat and chatted and watched the Business of The cafe get busier and buiser every minute. Calvin and Reanne where minding their own buisness in deep conversation when they suddenly noticed everyone looking and staring, in amazment and shock. They were all looking At the door. Calvin and Reanne turned and noticed the one and only Jane Destiny. Jane was a nineteen year old superstar singer, lead singer and actress. Well known and well loved to alot of people and idol to alot of Teenagers, She was pasted all over the bulliten boards in the cafe and her music was genrally playing on the radio upstairs. And then there she stood. Everyone stood in awe, no one moved, Jane stoodfeeling a little Arkward.

'Excuse me?' Someone spoke behind her. There stood a small child no younger than nine. 'May i have your Autograph?' Jane smiled and then suddenly realised once taking the pen and paper from the little girl everyone was instantly out of a stare shocked mode and wasnow into a shouting and pacing towards her action.

The End

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