The Teens

Open for people to Add there own Chapters, Ran out of ideas, About Three friends and A Cafe called 'The Teens' A Romance between Calvin and Livia and How livia possibly sometime in the end of the story becomes Famous. Be creative. Thanks :D

As the School bell went, after a few minutes or so the school was once more silent. It was a friday afternoon, no more school for a whole two weeks and everyone scurried out of the place as fast as they could to start their half term break. Livia and Reanne were casually walking down the street in the direction of the local high street. It was a sunny pleasant afternoon and they were chatting aout usual things like homework and music.
"Livia!" Someone called from behind them. As Reanne and Livia turned a tall boy aprouched them slightly out of breath.
"Calvin!" Reanne Smiled. "I wondered where you had went to."
"Well... Mr banks kept me behind after science to talk to me about my work and i tried texting you to wait, but he wouldn't stop talking to me." Calvin said.
"oh well, at least you caught up with us, we were on the way to the cafe, want to come?" Livia asked.
"Yeah sure, so heard any news from the drama club then?" Calvin replied.
"Well, not really, but they said they were considering me. thinking about it." Livia answered.
"i see the Cafe!" Reanne Grinned.
The three friends walked along to the cafe down the street, they normally went here, as did alot of the other students around the town. It was filled with bulletin boards with new clubs, bands, tv programes, and more. The cafe was called The Daily Teen basically because it everything a teen would need, Music, tv, food, no parents, you name it. And Mr Brandin got quite a good amount of money out of his buisness, his cafe was very well known around the town and its nickname was the teens, everyone said it, 'You coming down the teens?' or 'were are you of to after school? the teens again?' The school even advertised him, no need really, every student new the place anyway. Mr Brandin was an old man in his seventys. but he was healthy and loved doing his job, everyone respected him and loved him, he told the funniest jokes and did silly dances while he poured the pop into the cup for the customers. He was a real kind person and though he had no sons or daughters he said all his customer were his family. Mr Brandins niece was a girl called Daisy Jameson, she was a loud obnoxious girl, who had a spiteful attidude, she was nice to people who she liked, which was rarely anyone. She was very big-headed and saw herself better than others. like the complete opposite of her uncle.
Although Daisy was a mean girl, she had a sweet kind family who lived at the end of Calvins street, and Alot of people looked up to her at school. Daisy was what everyone called the Queen. The bossy boots of year eleven. Livia was a quiet shy girl but new how to argue and argued alot with Daisy. Daisy was like her enemy, they just didn't like each other and they always called each other names. Livia didn't care if she was queen of the year, she could be queen of england for all she cared, she wouldn't let her be cheeky. And Reanne, well she was very loud, and she had her vain monets but she ment well, she did speak before she thought and landed her in trouble a few times, she was the youngest and smallest of the three friends. Calvin was the tallest, he was a tall well built muscley person, he was school jock and was mr popular. He had a wide range of friends and was seen as being pretty cool. Although Calvin had the life of popularity he was quite a geek, he went to computer club after school and he did very well in science. He wore glasses sometimes to read but rarely wore them in school. Livia and Reanne had known each other for almost seven years but Reanne had known Calvin for much longer. They where regular, infact daily customers to The teens and Mr Brandins got on well with them. As they aprouched the shop Mr brandins was outside sweeping the floor.
"Ohh Reanne, Livia, how are you both today?" Mr Brandins greeted them opening the shop door.
"We are fine thanks, how have you been? been any more skivers?" Livia smiled.
"Yes just one, told him i'm ment to tell if anyones skiving, but i would let him off just this once." Mr Brandins laughed. As livia and Reanne went to sit at an empty table, Calvin went and browsed the buliten boards upstairs.He was looking for a club he could join, he was a fan of anime clubs the most, but he was already a member of the only one around. thats when He noticed a Light blue leaflet pinned on a notice board, it said in big black writing 'Starlight Back-Up Dancers.' Calvin instantly thought of the girls. He knew they loved dancing and gently ripped the leaflet of the wall. He stumbled quickly down the stairs to the ground floor and found Livia and Reanne.
"look, look what i found." Calvin said exitedly, waving the leaflet infront of Reannes face. Livia took the piece of paper out of his hand. She quietly read it to herself and then she put it down carefully on the table. Reanne and Calvin sat eagerly waiting for her responce.
"AAAHHH!" Livia screamed happily. "OMG. Starlight are amazing singers, and the base player is pretty good looking too."
"Lemme see, Lets see this." Reanne scanned the paper and also shouted in exitement.
"Thanks for finding it Calvin." Livia grinned. "We should soo audition for this." Reanne placed the piece of paper on the table. She wrote down were and when the auditions was in her notebook. Daisy came along and spotted the sheet of paper.
"This is it, the thing i've been looking for. Theres only one. And its mine." Daisy smirked evilily. Calvin and Livia sat in shock and anger.
"Stupid girl." Reanne tutted.
"she just took the paper! who are we supposed to know when the auditions are." Livia mumbled.
"i wrote it in my notebook if you didn't notice." Reanne laughed and stood up.
"so, Calvin find any clubs you liked?" Livia asked sweetly.
"nope" calvin laughed, he stood up and aprouched the counter. "Three chocolate smoothies please." Calvin father was very good friends to Mr Brandins, so Calvin was also very close to him. Reanne stood next to Calvin and Mr brandins Handed her a chocolate smoothie.
"I am going to guess that other two smoothies are for your two little girl mates, eh Calvin?" Mr Brandins laughed. "that will be £1.50 please."
"one fifty! thats pretty cheap." Livia said, getting up and also standing next to the counter with Reanne and Calvin.
"Fifty pence each, Mr brandin has like a Family discount thing." Calvin replied.
"aahh." Reanne smiled now understanding.f

The End

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