Billy threw his bag down on the ground, he could hear the girls giggling somewhere in the trees.

"Josh man you should've seen the bird hanging out Billy the other night", Frank said as his lit up a cigarette, "she was a ride".

Josh smiled, he didn't really like Frank, well to be honest nobody liked Frank. The only reason they tolerated him was because he was Billy's friend.

"And guess what?", Frank went on.


"He didn't even do her!", Frank started laughing, "what else are girls there for!?".

Billy and Josh laughed awkwardly. The three lads fell silent, Frank sat slowly inhaling his cigarette, he handed it to Billy who took a drag.

"Since when did you start?", Josh asked.

"Dunno", Billy shrugged.

Frank grabbed Billy in a headlock and began rubbing his thick brown hair.

"He's me little protagè".

They started wrestling on the dirt, Josh laughed, he took out his camera and began to take pictures of his friends. Billy and Frank began posing in suggestive positions.

"You can look at these every night in London Josh", Billy joked, "when you're feeling lonely".

"You are so weird!"

The boys looked over and saw Erin and Chleo standing and watching them with smirks on their faces. The girls joined them on the ground, Erin opened her bag and pulled out a blanket.

"Is that the only thing you had in there?", Frank asked, "no wonder you look so thick!".

He started laughing, Billy smiled uncomfortably. The others ignored him, well aware that out of all of them Erin was the most book savvy and well aware that Frank was an asshole.

"So Billy", Chleo said glaring at Frank, "what's the story with that girl the other night?".

"You didn't tell me you met a girl!", Erin exclaimed, "what's she like?".

"I dunno", Billy shrugged, "didn't talk to her for too long".

"So you just like did her?", Chleo asked as she lit up a smoke.

"No", Billy said looking at the ground.

"Sooo...was there even a girl?", Chleo said smiling.

"Yeah I just didn't feel like yknow", Billy said shyly aware that everyone was looking at him.

"Didn't even offer her to me", Frank said.

"She's not a fucking piece of meat Francis", Chleo snapped, "so shut the fuck up".

"Fuck you Chleo", Frank retorted.

"That was great Frank, real smart comeback there", Chleo rolled her eyes, "why don't you go fuck yourself? I haven't seen girls flocking around you lately".

"We're not talking about me Chleo we're talking about Billy and why he acts like a fucking bender", Frank spat.

"Oh both of you just shut up", Josh said, "build a bridge".

"It think its nice that you don't go around sleeping with random girls", Erin smiled kindly at Billy, "it's sweet".

Billy returned the smile. Erin was his best friend, he knew she would always take his side, although he wished he could tell her the truth. Who he really had feelings for.

The End

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