The End.Mature

[Author's note: aw I'm so sad and my exclaimation mark button won't work]

Erin rolled of Josh and lay on her back breathless.

''Oh my God'', he said, ''thank you''.

Erin smiled, the exams were over, they needed, as Chleo had put it, 'a good, dirty, ride'. They lay on Josh's bed in silence, Josh had asked Erin to go to England with him 2 weeks ago and she still hadn't given him an answer. She giggled as Josh began kissing her shoulder and neck.

''I love you soooo much Erin'', he said quietly.

Erin stopped smiling and sat up.

''What's wrong?'', Josh asked frowning in confusion.

Erin took a deep breath, it was time to tell him. She turned and looked at him.

''I'm going to Spain'', she said avoiding his eyes, ''I can't go to Oxford with you, I, I need to go it alone for a while''.

''What?'', Josh said sitting up quickly.

''I'm going in 2 days, I bought a one way ticket'', Erin continued still not looking at him, ''I need to do this...''.

''Do what? Find yourself or something. I thought we were going to Oxford together?'', Josh exclaimed, failing to keep anger out of his voice.

''I never said I was going with you'', Erin muttered.

Josh stared at her, she finally looked back at him straight into his eyes, his dark eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. Her eyes were glossy but she knew she had to do this. Josh knew she wouldn't stay, even if he begged her, but it was him that needed her now.

''I know you're angry, I'm sad'', Erin whispered, ''you'll be angry and I'll be sad for a while, but in a few months you'll feel ok, and we will both be able to move on''.

She got up off the bed and put her clothes back on in silence. Josh was speechless, his heart was breaking. He wanted to grab her and kiss her and beg her to stay, but he was frozen. Erin walked over to his dresser and wrote on a piece of paper.

''It's the address I'll be at'', she said wiping away tears, ''whenever you're ready, write to me''.

She gave him one last look and left the room. He heard her walk out of the house. Walk out of his life, he couldn't cry, he couldn't do anything, he felt numb.

Erin was gone.

The End.

The End

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