Chleo met Erin and Josh at the Church. Erin couldn't help but smile at Chleo's attire, red. A red dress, only Chleo would show up to a funeral in a red dress.

"Hey lovers", Chleo said smiling and hugging them.

"You're happy", Josh said.

"I know this sounds terrible", Chleo said in a hushed voice, "but I fucking hated Frank, oh don't look at me like that you guys did too, do you really think this is a sad occasion?".

They knew she was right, they could pretend to show remorse for their 'friend' but Frank had been nothing but horrible to all of them, and if one of them had died, he probably wouldn't have even showed up. They followed the crowd into the Church, it was mostly just people from school who showed up, because, well that's what you do when someone in your year dies. Chleo walked right down to the 4th row, behind a few rows reserved for Frank's family.

"I hate Churches", Erin muttered to Josh.

Chleo leaned in.

"When this yoke pops out don't expect a Chrisening, we're just gonna have one big piss up".

The three of them laughed and received dirty looks from people around them. Josh and Chleo began discussing the baby, Erin looked at the coffin. That could have been Billy. She felt instant anger at Frank, he got out of his mess, but he had left Billy behind to fend for himself. She wished Frank was here so she could hurt him. He hadn't just fucked up his life. She snapped out of her daze as Frank's family were walking down the aisle. She saw his Mother and Father, their eyes looked dead but their faces were raw, behind them were two girls with startling blue eyes, Frank's sisters Erin presumed, the older one had her arm wrapped around the younger, who couldn't be any older than 6. She wondered if the little sister knew, she wondered whether his parents had told anyone that their son was a drug addict and a scumbag. How could anyone be proud of that? She soon felt herself crying, it seemed she couldn't escape it, first her Mother, then Frank and now Billy. She needed to get away this place.


3 Months Later

Josh loved the Spring. He loved the cherry blossom trees that lined the streets of Hilltown. The way they floated through the air and stuck to everything. Most of all he loved his garden during Spring, all the flowers had blossomed on his Mother's finely pruned plants and the smell of freshly cut grass had almost stained the air. He went into his house and was greeted by shrieking.

"JOSHUA!", Marie exclaimed waving an envelope around, "It's from Oxford!".

"Marie, it was meant to be a suprise", his Father said from behind a newspaper.

Josh grabbed it from his Mam and ripped it open, he read it quickly, then re-read it. He looked up, stunned.

"I got in", he said quietly, "I got in!".

His Mother started crying.

"Oh Tony our little boy is going to Oxford!".

"I know Marie, I can hear", he said smiling, he looked over his paper, "congratulations son, you deserve it".


Chleo looked at her reflection, her stomach wasn't huge, it was quite neat. That's what her Mother had called it 'neat'. She rubbed the cocoa butter into skin.

"You're gonna stretch my downstairs", she muttered, "you will not be giving my stretch marks".

She pulled her top back down and went into the kitchen. Dan was sitting there reading through some contracts. Chleo began to search through all the presses.

"What you looking for Chleo?", Dan asked while reading.

"Ragu", she answered.

"It's only 11, why are you making dinner?".

"I'm not", she replied casually, "I want some bananas and ragu in a bowl".

She found a jar and opened it, aware Dan was staring at her in disgust. She mixed it up with a mashed banana and began eating.

"You're a freak", Dan said shaking his head.

"Your child is the freak!", Chleo replied stuffing her face with the mixture, "this is revolting".

"Then stop eating it", Dan laughed.

"I can't baby says I must continue".

Dan rolled his eyes and continued working. Chleo finished her meal and belched.

"That was the worst thing I've ever tasted", she said, she watched Dan for a little while, he looked cute with his glasses on, "Dan?".


"I want to find out the sex of the baby".

"Really?", Dan looked at her.


"Well ok then", he said shrugging, "I'd much rather know anyway".

Chleo smiled.

"Good, cause my doctors appointment is tomorrow", she said, "and you have to come now!".


Erin was studying in her room, her door was locked and her bed dragged across it. Uncle John was over and she didn't want to risk an attack. She tried to concentrate on the words in front of her.

"He was preparing an Ulster fry for breakfast,

When someone walked into the kitchen and shot him,

A bullet entered his mouth and pierced his skull,

The books he could read, the music he could play"

Her Mother was laughing loudly at one of John's jokes, there was a clink of glasses. She hated them for being there, she wanted to disappear into her work. She looked back down at the page and smiled at the words. A funny notion popped into her head, if she was to shoot John it would pierce nothing, just air and wasted brain cells. Poor man making his breakfast, John could've taken his place. Perhaps she should write to Longley, get him to rewrite his poem. She laughed to herself. Her phone buzzed. A text from Billy.

"Erin, im txtin 2 say i luv u nd mis u. i hav tld my ma bout my problems. i am goin to hospital for a while. plz dnt ring me. i wnt to tel u sumtin i tld josh. wil u ask him? dnt be angry at him 4 nt sayin. he swore he wudnt tel. B. x".

Erin was confused, she shut her English book and sat back. So much for studying. She had to go see Josh.

"Josh, i am coming over soon, that ok?".

She sent the text and started to pack a bag for over night. Her phone buzzed.

"No prob. parents in Sligo for wkend. cya soon (",) x".

Now to wait till her Mother got drunk enough to start having sex.


Erin spat her drink out in Josh's face.

"Billy's what!", she exclaimed.

Josh wiped the drink off his face and smiled awkwardly.

"That explains so much", Erin said quietly, "did you ever notice he never had a girlfriend? He actually never showed any interest in girls, like ever!".

She smiled brightly, Josh laughed.

"Why are you so happy?", he asked.

"Cause", she shrugged, "I always wanted a gay best friend to go bra shopping with".

Josh pulled her onto his lap and pouted.

"I could go bra shopping with you", he said.

"Nope", Erin said putting on over dramatic sexy face, "then you'll already have seen them, looover".

She began kissing him sloppily.

"Oh God stop!", Josh said squirming, "Please I like life!".

The End

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