Chleo stretched and opened her eyes, she was in a beautiful hotel room, the curtains were pulled back and even though it was Winter the sun shone in through french doors, that led to a balcony. She could hear Dan in the shower and she smiled. She could get used to this life. She got up and pulled on a fluffy white dressing gown, she walked over to the french doors and looked down at the town harbour. Her family rarely came to this part of the town unless it was to the beach at summer, it was littered with small, expensive cafès and restaurants and right at the end of the street was the hotel. The 5 star, very exclusive hotel. She could definately get used to this. The shower stopped and she turned around to see Dan wrapped in a towel.

"You never told me your news", Chleo said smiling.

"Oh yeah", he replied rubbing his head with a towel, "you're going to love it. Well I hope you are going to love it".

"Oh tell me!", Chleo begged.

"I'm moving to Dublin, for work", Dan grinned, "it means I'll only be an hour away. We can be a proper couple".

Chleo's mouth dropped open.

"Unless you think it's a bit too fast, I mean I don't mean we have to become an item straight away, or at all, if you don't want", Dan said nervously.

"Of course I want that!", Chleo exclaimed, "Oh I'm so happy!".

She jumped into his arms and kissed him. She was going to have to get used to this.


Christmas Eve

Frank stood in the dark alleyway, the rain was pelting down and he had forgotten to wear a jacket with a hood. His body was almost in a fit of shivers and his teeth were chattering. He kicked at a can and looked up and down the alley. Where the hell was Steve? If he didn't hurry up Frank would be the one who suffered. A black car pulled up and beeped, he rocognised it as Steves and ran to it.

"Hey Steve, you took your time", Frank said as he jumped into the back seat.

He heard a click and looked up, a gun was being pointed directly into his face.

"Where is Steve?", a gruff voice spoke.

"I, I, I, don't know", Frank stammered.

"I don't believe you", the man said.

Someone pulled a bag over Frank's head.


"I feel like I'm intruding", Erin said as she walked up Josh's drive.

"Don't worry Erin", Josh smiled, "they really don't mind you staying, actually they love that you're staying, they said it'll be lovely having someone else at dinner".

They walked into Josh's house, it smelt of freshly baked mince pies and scented candles. In the front room the fire was lit and a huge real Christmas tree stood at the window.

"Erin!", Josh's Mam said giving her a hug, "we're so glad you could make it".

"I wouldn't miss it for the world Marie", Erin said smiling.

Marie stepped back and smiled at his father.

"Give her the gift Tony", she said nodding towards the tree.

He got up and looked under the tree. He took out a small package and handed it to Erin, he wrapped his arm around Marie. Josh grinned at her from the sofa.

"Open it", Marie urged.

Erin opened it and unfolded a stocking with her name stiched on to it. Her eyes filled up with tears, to anyone else this would be a simple gift, but she had never had a stocking before, she had never had a real Christmas before. She hugged Josh's parents.

"Thank you so much", she whispered.


Erin watched Josh sleeping from his en suite, she smiled. The night had be wonderful, they had sang Christmas songs, ate till they could burst and sat together watching A Christmas Carol. Erin had never been so happy. Marie and Tony were so kind to her, they never asked about her Mother and Josh had told her they didn't know anything about what went on. She was grateful that they didn't feel the need to pry. They respected her privacy. She tip toed over to the bed and crawled in beside Josh. She rested her head on his chest and took out her phone.

"Happy Christmas guys. Love you Erin x".

She sent it to Billy and Chleo and put it away. She closed her eyes and listened to Josh's heart beat. He stirred at bit and opened his eyes.

"Happy Christmas Erin", he murmured, "love you".

"Thank you for saving me", she whispered, but he was already asleep.

The End

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