Josh was walking down the street in the rain he had needed to get out, he was sick of being a hermit, he’s ‘flu’ story had worked for Chleo who was asking where he was, she felt under the weather too and had kept him on the phone discussing flu remedies for half an hour. He hadn’t spoke to Erin or Billy in a few days, he was angry, furious. He felt used, he felt like he was nothing but dirt to either of them. He didn’t know who he was more angry with, it’s not like Erin had said they were together, he could’ve gone off with whoever he liked, if anyone had been interested. Billy, now Billy was a two-faced..

“Ow”, Josh said. He was too busy thinking and had bumped into a guy.

The guy stopped too.


It was Billy. They stood facing each other, Billy looked awkward, ashamed.

“Haven’t see you around in a bit”, he said as he lit up a cigarette, “heard you have the flu? That’s a pity you missed a good night last night, Chleo got wasted, kept talking about some guy from Belfast…”.

“Cut the fucking bullshit Billy”, Josh snapped.


“Don’t fucking hey, you know full well why I haven’t been around”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Billy said taking a long drag out of his cigarette.

“You fucked everything up!”, Josh yelled, “it was perfect between me and Erin before you butt in, did you enjoy fucking her behind my back? Huh!?”.

Billy stepped forward and squared up to Josh.

“I think you’ll find that you fucked it up”, he snarled, “you couldn’t give two shits about how she feels”.

“She won’t tell me how she fucking feels!”, Josh exclaimed.

“Well that’s the difference between you and me, she can trust me”, Billy glared.

“Why the fuck can’t she trust me…”.

“Listen Josh, Erin doesn’t need another guy in her life who is going to treat her like shit, she’s had enough of them! Now if you really love her you’ll leave her alone”, Billy snapped, “you think you can fuck her and then go off and fuck someone else? I don’t think so”.

Billy stormed off leaving Josh was left standing speechless on the path. Sleep with someone else? He’d never even looked at another girl the way he looked at Erin, never mind fuck them. He saw the smoothie shop and went over hoping to see Chleo. He opened the big glass door and stepped into the warm, bright shop.

"This shop is way too pink", he thought to himself as he walked up to the counter.

“Hey, is Chleo about?”, he asked.

The man behind the desk glared at him.

“Is this some kind of joke?”, he asked, “does she think if people keep asking for her I’ll take her back? She thought wrong!”.

Josh stared at the crazy man in his pink and yellow pinstripe suit for a few moments before turning and walking away, Chleo must have gotten fired, she’d never had a job for more than a month. He went back out into the cold street and began to walk home, tears ran down his face slowly, he missed Erin more than he could say. He wanted to turn around and run back to her house, but he knew Billy was probably there, she was probably laughing with Billy, kissing Billy, touching him, Josh couldn't even think about it. He had to do something.


Billy was pacing back and forth in his room biting his nails. Erin had called him three times but he didn't care, he needed a buzz. He needed something to tie him over until Friday, school had become torturous, sitting there all day without anything to smoke or take. Where the fuck was Frank with the stuff. There was a knock at his door. He ran over and swung it open.

"I called you like 3 times", Erin said as she passed him.

"Yeah I was busy", Billy said shutting the door.

She sat down on his computer chair.

"Doing what?", she asked absentmindedly playing with his rubix cube.

"Eh nothing", Billy replied, he went over to his window and stared out into his garden and down his road.

"Waiting for someone?".


"A laaady?", Erin said smiling.

Billy turned around and faced her, his usually bright green eyes looked dull, Erin noticed the bags under his eyes and his cracked lips.

"Not everything revolves around sex", he snapped.

Erin was taken aback.

"I know, I was just joking", she said quietly.

"Whatever", Billy said turning back to the window, "you shoud probably go, Frank's coming over".

Erin felt her stomach drop. She was being rejected by her best friend.

"I can't go home", she whispered, "John is over, I don't have anywhere to go".

"That's not my problem Erin!", Billy shouted, "go over to Josh get laid or something, just fuck off".

Erin stood up slowly, her eyes were glossy, she looked at the floor and walked towards the door. Her cheeks turned red with anger and embarrassment. She opened the door.

"Yknow, I never thought I'd see the day my best friend chose drugs over me", she said quietly, her voice was shaking, "my Mam yeah, but my best friend?".

She shut the door behind her. Billy didn't care.

The End

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