Chleo sat behind the counter at the Smoothie Bar, work was quiet today, always was on a Sunday. She was glad it was quiet, she had a thumping headache and her stomach was flipping. The door opened and the bell rang, she groaned and held her head, it was a bunch of 13 year old girls, giggling and shrieking at each other. She hated 13 year old girls. They made their orders and Chleo couldn't help but feel sick as she watched the banana, strawberries and kiwi blend together, she couldn't contain it anymore. She ran into the toilet and puked. She knelt down in front of the toilet for a while, before wiping her mouth and walking back out. There she found 2 young girls covered in smoothie and her angry looking manager glaring at her.

"Chleo, what have a told you about turning the blender off!?", he yelled.

Chleo couldn't answer, she felt the sick again. She bent over and soon the floor was covered in more than smoothie. Her manager stared at her.

"GET OUT!", he shouted, "YOU'RE FIRED!".


Erin woke up suddenly, her heart was racing and sweat covered her body. She felt a panic attack starting and reached under her bed to get a bag. She patted around but couldn't find one, this made her panic more.

"Erin?", a voice said.

She whipped around, terrified of who it might be.

"Josh? What are you doing here?", she asked, last night was a blur.

"We came back here after the club and yknow...well I fell asleep", he said smiling.

Erin smiled back, then suddenly she remembered, that girl, Billy's text, toilet sex, more sex. She realised she was naked and quickly grabbed the blankets around her. Josh smiled and blushed.

"You're really sexy Erin", he said shyly, "I don't know why you neve..".

"I was drunk Josh", she snapped, "I didn't fucking mean to get naked".

Josh looked shocked.

"I'm sorry..".

"You should just go now, ok", Erin said looking away from him.

Josh didn't say a word, he grabbed his clothes, put them on and went to the window, Erin didn't try to stop him as he climbed down into the nettles. When he was gone, she curled up in a ball and cried, she hadn't cried in so long. Her sobs shook her body, she cried like she had cried when she was a kid. She didn't even care that she could hear her mother's bed in the next room creeking.


Billy woke to a light tapping at his window, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. He knew the knock, it was Erin. He opened the window and she climbed in. She didn't have to say anything, he knew she was upset. She crawled into his bed, he got in beside her and wrapped his arm around her.

"Do you want to talk?", he whispered soothingly as he stroked her hair.

She nodded and the tears began again.


Josh was sitting on his bed with his head in his hands, he didn't know how long he'd been sitting there contemplating what to do. He knew Erin had a horrible life, but those scars. Those scars were terrifying, should he call the Gardaì...No, they might not be from her Mother, she might have been in an accident. He didn't know anything and he wanted to know everything, he really did love her. He needed to know why she wouldn't open up to him. He tried calling her again, no answer. He typed up a text.

"Hey Erin. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I really want to talk to you. Please. I love you. X".

He stared at his phone, hoping if he did she would reply. A text arrived, he moved quickly, opening it up, smiling. The smile was wiped off his face.

"Bck d fuck off Josh. She dusnt need u nymore. Billy.".

Josh felt anger boil up inside him, was she with Billy too? She was using Josh. That's why she didn't want a relationship. Fucking slut. He threw his phone on the floor and started to cry. All he could think about was the life he had lost, he wanted to marry her, he wanted to have kids with her, he wanted to move away and get away from all this bullshit, with her. No kids, no wedding, no life with her.


"Have you seen my phone Billy?", Erin asked looking around his room.

"No", he said.

She sat down beside him and hugged him.

"Billy you've made me so happy", she smiled, "I was so worried about what you would think about me and Josh that's why I didn't say anything, it was important to me that you thought it was ok. I really love him".

Billy looked down at her and smiled.

"Of course, I want you to be happy Erin", he said.

The End

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