Erin stumbled through the crowd looking for someone she knew. She could barely stand up let alone push through all these people, she wanted to find Josh, she giggled to herself, Josh was so hot. She spotted Chleo and waved but she was too busy dancing with some guy. Where was Billy? She hadn't seen him in hours. Probably off with Frank, ugh she hated Frank. He reminded her of her Uncle John, creep. She started to feel a panic attack come on at the thought of her uncle. She had to get out of this place.

"No", she said to herself, "find Josh".

She decided to go to the bar, she was bound to find someone there. She leant up against the cool railing around the platform and looked around. There was Josh. She lit up and waved over to him, he looked like he was looking for someone. Maybe her. He was looking at his phone. Erin's smile faded from her face, a girl had walked over to him. And he hugged her and kissed her cheek. She was whispering in his ear and he was smiling. Erin's stomach lurched. She knew it was too good to be true, she knew he didn't really love her. He hugged the girl again and they both looked at his phone while he typed something, her number? Erin felt sick, who the hell was that girl with her boyfrie..well he wasn't really her boyfriend, he wasn't really anything. Just some guy who said he loved her.

"Erin?", someone said.

She turned quickly, Josh was standing behind her.

"Are you ok?", he shouted.

She swallowed and nodded, he was free to be with whoever he wanted, she told him she didn't want a relationship. She didn't have the right to be angry, or jealous.

"Do you want to dance?", Josh asked, "nobody will notice Erin, they're all too pissed".

Erin put on a smile and led him to the dancefloor. He put his hands on her hips as she grinded up against him, he wasn't much taller than her so she could hear his breathing in her ear. His hands moved under her top onto her skin, Josh felt her shiver and smiled. He began to kiss her neck as they moved, he heard her moan. He wanted her so bad and he knew she wanted him. Before he knew it they were in a toilet, Erin was kissing him more passionately than she had ever done before. She pushed him down onto a toilet and sat on top of him. She could feel how bad he wanted her through his trousers. They pulled at each others clothes trying to remove different things, they needed each other.


Billy lay on the pile of cushions beside Frank staring at the lights on the ceiling, they ignored the girls dancing at the poles in front of them. Billy's head felt light but foggy, and he liked it. Frank was smoking a joint slowly and giggling to himself. Billy smiled at the lights. He wasn't sure how they managed to get into this room. Frank had said he had a friend who was pretty close with the club manager. Well he thought that's what Frank said.

"Man those lights are so beautiful", he said, "look at them, its red! Whoa!".

Frank laughed, there was a knock at the door. He jumped up and walked over, he peeked through a small peeping hole.

"Hey Billy", he said.

Billy sat up and beamed.

"Act cool man", Frank frowned.

Billy lay back down and put on a serious face. Frank opened the door, a huge, burly guy stepped in. Billy couldn't help but compare him to a hippo.

"What a big head you have!", he giggled.

"What?", the man said.

"Ignore him Steve, he's just high", Frank said, "what do you have for me?".

Billy watched the two exhange hushed words, Steve the Hippo handed Frank a small bag and Frank gave him an envelope. Like some kind of druggie postman, Billy laughed at this thought. A stoned postman.

"Awesome", he said.

Frank and Steve looked at him, Steve shook his head, nodded at Frank and left. Frank sat back down beside Billy and opened the little bag.

"Hey man, wanna try acid?", Frank asked smiling.

Billy didn't give it a second thought, he took the little piece of paper from Frank and popped it in his mouth. Suddenly he was alive. His phone buzzed, a drunken text from Erin.

"Billly sex wit toylit jsh gud, wre r yuu gon home? I LOVEYUO! X x"

Billy didn't have a clue what Erin was on about but replied.

"i luv u 2. ACIIID!".

Frank peered over Billy's shoulder.

"What the fuck did you tell her we had acid for!?", he exclaimed.

But Billy couldn't answer, he's heart was pounding and all he felt like doing was dancing on a pole. He ignored Frank's question hopped up beside one of the girls and began to dance. Frank rolled his eyes and took some of the drugs himself, he immediately saw the appeal of the pole and joined in.

The End

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