Chleo stood in front of the full length mirror in her room checking her outfit out.

"Chleo", she said, "you are a ride".

She was glad she liked herself this much, some girls thought she was conceited and full of herself but as she looked at her plump red lips and black pixie hair she couldn't help but be happy to be her. Of course her genes helped, she had been graced with her mother's long legs and slender neck and she took after her footballer Dad and worked out every day. Her phone buzzed on her bed, she flopped down on her stomach and picked it up.

"Mmm Belfast boy", she said.

"hey Chleo, i mis u. wil b bk dwn in 3 wks, wil i cya den? xx".

She rolled onto her back and smiled, she had this guy wrapped around her finger, she was glad to, he was a decent guy. He was sweet and he had a job, a good job. How old was he again? Chleo tried to remember. Her phone buzzed again.

"Outside byotch, dnt hav all day!".

Chleo hopped up and check herself again before throwing on a big coat. She went out to her sitting room where her family were watching tv.

"Hey Mam I'm going over to Erin's now", she said sweetly.

Her Mam turned to look at her while trying to feed Chleo's baby brother.

"Ok hun, are you sure there are no boys going over?", she asked.

"No Mam it's just gonna be the two of us, I'll see you tomorrow, love you", Chleo said as she closed the door.

She grabbed her keys and ran down the driveway and down the road to Billy's car where Billy and Frank were waiting.

"Where to tonight boys?", she asked getting into the back seat.

Billy pulled away from the curb and down the road towards Josh's house.

"First Josh, then Erin, then to the city", he said.

"How are we meant to get back from town?!", Chleo exclaimed.

The nearest city was an hours drive away, they never went there at night, getting back was either too expensive, or it took to long.

"We'll figure something out", Billy said shrugging it off.

"Maybe some guy will take you in for the night Chleo", Frank said looking at her in the rear-view mirror, "I'm sure you could think of a way of paying him".

"Billy why the fuck do you make us hang out with this guy?", Chleo frowned.


Erin leaned against her door listening to her mother in the kitchen. She needed to get without her Mam seeing her. Her window was off limits since all those nettles had grown up around it so she had to sneak through the house. Her Mam was with some man, probably hoping he would be 'the One', Erin knew he wasn't. He was just some slimeball here to get his bit then go. Probably a druggie to.

"Come here baby", she heard him say, it sent shivers up her spine.

"Follow me sexy", she heard her Mam respond.

Erin felt that familiar sick feeling when she knew her mother was with another man. She waited until she heard her Mam's room door close, she quietly opened her and ran out of the house. Billy was already parked at the bottom of her drive, she dived into the car and Billy took off quickly. She heard everyone laughing and didn't realise she had landed head first on Josh's crotch. She sat up clumsily.

"Sorry Josh", she said turning red.

"That's ok let me help you with your seatbelt", he mumbled.

There was an awkward fumbling for her seatbelt and buckle. The two trying to avoid eye contact. Fortunately Chleo and Frank had started a heated argument that distracted everyone from the dive.

"This is going to be a long drive", Billy muttered.


The club was packed, Chleo led them through the crowd to a booth with a reserved sign on it. She smiled at the bouncer standing there.

"This is our table", she yelled over the loud music.

"What's your name?", the security guy asked looking her up and down.

"Darla Jones", Chleo replied.

He check his list and nodded.  They all sat down around the table.

"How did you organise this?", Erin asked her.

"I rang ahead when we were getting food", Chleo grinned, "I slept with the guy whose parent's own this club!".

Erin laughed, she wished she had Chleo's confidence. A waitress came over with a tray of shots. She lay it down on the table and walked away. Nobody moved towards them.

Chleo rolled her eyes.

"They're complimentary guys!".

With that they all grabbed a shot and downed it.

The End

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