The Teen YearsMature

Bunch of teenagers...and a fictional Irish town

Erin brushed her long brown hair and stared into the mirror. She didn't like what was staring back, well what teenage girl does? This was different it wasn't that she thought she was ugly, no she actually thought she was quite pretty, it wasn't that right now she had a nasty spot on her face, nope her skin was looking fairly clear. She was staring not at her face, she was looking at her arm, her disgusting arm. She was ashamed of it, it made her feel weak, it made her feel useless. A car horn beeped outside her house. She threw the brush on her bed, threw on a hoodie, grabbed her bag and headed out to Billy. She tiptoed past her mother who was lying on the couch in a drunken coma. She opened the door, sneered at her mother and slammed the front door. She couldn't resist.

Hilltown Community College was a small school which had about 400 students, girls and boys, not because it was exclusive, because the town of Hilltown was tiny. The car park was full of average cars, nothing fancy, the student's parents all worked average jobs, the students were average, the teachers were average, some below average, but that's a normal school. It was shut off from the world by a large wall, the only way in was through the electronic gates, the only way out was through the electronic gates. Well, that's what the teachers thought. Past the GAA pitch, behind a few trees, the wall had crumbled in a bit, leaving plenty of room for the average student to hop over into the park.

Erin and Billy were presently sneaking down the pitch to the crumbled wall, their escape from school.

"How's your Mam?", Billy asked, looking behind him as they walked.

"Urgh, don't even start," Erin groaned, "fuckin' fell in the door last night off her face on whatever the hell she was on right? Then burst into my room, turned on the light and started singing to me!"

Billy laughed.

"Then when I told her to fuck off she start's throwing a fuckin' wobbler, she starts screaming at me, then get distracted by the thought of toast and fucks off into the kitchen!"

"Trust Sandra to make a...".


Erin and Billy didn't stop, they began to walk faster, they weren't in the mood for Ms. Daly today.

"STOP WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!" the teacher screeched.

They broke into a run leaving Ms. Daly screaming behind. They reached the wall and hopped over. They doubled over laughed.

"What's so funny?", asked Frank.

"Feckin' Daly chasing us", Billy said trying to catch his breath.

"She's a wagon that one", Frank said rolling his eyes, "but I'd so give her a go".

Erin had finally stopped laughing, as she picked her bag up off the ground she looked at Frank and started laughing again.

"What the hell did you do to your hair!?" she asked.

Frank's normally blonde hair had been shaved into a mohawk and dyed blue. It made his ice blue eyes stand out even more than usual.

"You haven't seen it already?" Billy asked.

"No I wasn't out at...".

"Yeah where were you this weekend Erin?" Frank asked in his usual obnoxious manner, "you missed some crazy shit".

"I had to go see my Dad", Erin said.

An awkward silence fell between the three friends. Erin began to walk out of the shelter of the trees and down the path to where they all usually met up, the boys followed and spoke in hushed voices behind her back.

"They're probably talking about my Dad", Erin thought, "eejits, I wish I had a Dad to go see".

They kept walking until they came to another lot of trees, they climbed over fallen branches and pushed aside bushes, they finally made it through to a little glade, their little glade. 'The Hideout' as they called it. Josh and Chleo were already waiting sitting on their school jackets. When Chleo saw Erin she shrieked and ran over. She grabbed Erin into a bear hug and squeezed her.


Erin laughed at her best friend's voice, suddenly Chleo looked at her seriously.

"Oh. I have to tell you something!", she said.

Chleo grabbed Erin's hand and pulled her through the trees.

"Chleo where are...ow..Chleo! Ouch, what's.."

"I had sex again!", Chleo said.

The two girls held hands and jumped up and down giggling.

"Oh oh who with now!?" Erin asked excitedly.

"Some guy at Tribe the other night, oh my God Erin he was soooo hot", Chleo said slowly, "he was from Belfast, and I swear if it wasn't his body, it was his accent that made me..".

"Chleo I don't wanna know that much!", Erin laughed.

The End

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