I look at the boy who I had been placed next too. Damien, his name was that. Uh, I hate my telepathy. I look at the board. Astromany, hmm this will be interesting.

I notice Damien is enjoying it to. His mood is light and relaxed. I sniff and smell it, a hint of vampire blood. I stare shocked. How could this..... boy be one of my kind?

His skin was pale but his human blood smell made him look vunerable. He's half human but it was clear the Vampire side was dominent.

Who could his father be? It had to be some one powerful otherwise he would seem more human like. "Stephenie?" Mr Hudson says wanting me to answer. He clearly thinks I'm not listening.

"You can recognize the constallation of saggitarius cause it looks a little like a teapot" I say taking the words from his mind. Mr Hudson nods and turns back to the board. I flick another glance at the boy and sigh. Really, how can this boy be a vampire?

He doesn't even know it? How dumb can you get? Doesn't he have no thirst yet at all?

The End

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