The Teen Vampire

Damien aged 16 discovers he has supernatural abilities, shape-shifting, invisibility and mind-reading powers. He is unaware that he is the son of one of the greatest Vampires of all time, however like a normal teenager he attends high-school but he is in no way normal and it is only a matter of time before other pupils start to notice abnormalities in his character.

I was in school, it was a normal day in class with pupils throwing objects around the class-room and talking to each other about lunch break, however I was sitting alone as usual thinking about the lesson to come which was on astronomy.  The stars really excited me, thinking of worlds beyond comprehension was fascinating.  I was totally self-absorbed into my own little world.   The teacher Mr Hudson then came into the classroom, he was spectacled and had light brown hair and a woolly brown jumper which could have been knitted by his Granny.  He had an announcement to make.  Right Class we have a new pupil called Stephenie Decarte I hope you will make her feel at home.  There was a spare seat beside me which she took.  I noticed she had very black hair and pale skin like myself and also grey eyes.  I was curious about this new girl there was something odd about her but also simlar to myself.  Our class is fairly small with only 20 pupils most other classes had around 30. 

The End

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