The Teddy Bear III

Still sitting there on the coconuts all alone I began to notice a pound in the depth of my heart, it had a familiar feeling for me without even realising it had. The feeling of longing; I was badly missing the family I had just met. I didn't want to be alone again I couldn’t bear the thought. I had to find them even if it meant that I had to face my fears. The monster and the others that I might face on my journey to feel at home once more.
I crept out from behind the tent, bumping into the large belly of the coconut shy owner. He was clearly on his way to collect more supplies, as I saw an eager looking queue forming besides more posts, besides more black tape. The man stopped in a huff and stared down. His gaunt eyes looking into mine. He makes a grab to pick me up but being so small I toddled through his legs and hurried on my way into the darkening scene before me. Where would I look? Bustling through the crowd with such panic before I had forgotten the way back, the only thing that had concerned me was the terror in my heart and the fear focused in my mind. Tears starting to spill over my eyelids once again, but I was determined not to cry so I thought have the happy times on the Ferris wheel, with m new family, all of us happy together. Straightening myself, plunging into the sea of legs once more. I followed the general flow thinking that maybe my parents, my family were heading this way. Having to decide which the right path was could be difficult when I was barely four foot. This only drove hopelessness further into my head.

The drift of the crowd took me to a circus tent of huge proportions, the red and yellow stripes of the roof seemed to go on forever. The child in me stared in wonder at the colours and the sheer size of the big top. I saw the entirety of the tent, seeing vast numbers of benches that surrounded an oval in the middle. I was soon forced onwards by the surge of people. Bodies branching off in so many directions it was impossible to pick, I choose to go to a path on my immediate right and struggled up onto the end of the row. I sat next to a woman with brown hair and a face that reminded you of calm. She was here with her family which reminded me of mine. I couldn’t hold it back anymore, memories flashing back into the front of my thought. Tears brimming over my eyelids as I started to wail loudly.

Looking down at the child next to her the woman thought what to do; she had never seen the boy with brown hair and those red cherub cheeks before. He had just appeared on the bench she was sitting on. Would it be alright to comfort him? Where was this boy’s family? She decided to take care of him till after the show then she would help him to find his parents.

Shorty after my surge of tears the woman on my left look a tissue out of her black handbag, it was patterned with beads. She wiped my face, and then proceeded to hand me a red lollipop. This was all done in a very, very subtle manner. Although I was grateful it did little to improve my mood, that I was certain would last forever. What could possibly drive away the negative emotion I wondered.
I pondered a question. Who was this woman? Did she know my parents? I suddenly decided she did for why else would she be this kind to me. I snuggled up to her, giving my most innocent child look I could muster. My blue eyes starting up into her muddy brown. The lights around us dimmed and loud music started, breaking eye contact we both looked forward. What could possibly be happening? Perhaps the monster man had come for me... My heart wilted in fear; I tried to lose myself in the woman's coat, burrowing deeper still. The red lollipop falling from my mouth and onto the dusty floor, forgotten.

A small plump man suddenly appeared, carrying a long black whip. He strode out of a green archway draped in a curtain which was covered in moons and stars.

The End

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