The teddy bear

A story about a teddy bear.

  Once upon there was a Teddy Bear. The teddy bear's name was Fred. Fred the teddy bear was as fluffy as a kangaroo. His owner was a little boy called Tom. Tom loved playing with his toys. But he never played with Fred. Poor Fred.

  One day Fred got really bored so he went to sit with the other toys in Tom's Bedroom, hoping that we would be played with. A while later Tom came into his room to play with his toys. We went over by where Fred was sitting. Tom then picked up Fred.

"I have not played with you in ages Fred!" Tom said to Fred. Fred got a tingling feeling inside his tummy as he was so excited on what would happen.

"Let's all play together!" Tom shouted to Fred and his other toys. Fred was so happy and filled up with joy.

Tom then played with Fred for years to come.

The End



The End

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