“You’re going to have to change out of that dress thing.” He said, pointing at the drab gray nightgown.

“I don’t have anything else.”

“Here. Wear this.” He tossed her a set of black clothes. Kayla picked them up from the ground and inspected them. They were made of some type of springy cloth that stretched easily and bounced back quickly.

“Are you going to change? Or just stare at it all day?”

“Oh sorry.” Kayla knocked herself out of her trance. She waited for Alias to move, but he continued to sit there.

“How am I going to change with you staring at me?”

“You could change in front of me.” He replied as if it were the obvious reason.

“No!” She shouted in horror, “I’m not doing that you pervert!”

“You’re the pervert. I’m not going to be seeing anything indecent.”

“But still...”

“Fine.” He turned and faced the wall. “Happy now?”

Kayla rolled her eyes.

“Better. Now stay like that.”

Kayla heard an amused chuckle as she turned to change. The cloth felt smooth on her skin and much more comfortable then the itchy school uniforms. Everything seemed to mold perfectly to the shape of her body. It was one perfect fit.

“Are you done? How long does it take for someone to change?”

“Yeah.” Kayla said breathlessly, inspecting herself in a mirror.

Alias turned around and watched her silently.

“At this rate, we’ll never get to the glamour part.”

Kayla reluctantly drew herself away from the mirror. It was so different!

“So, glamour.”

Alias drew himself up from his sitting position and stared intently into her eyes.

“I need you to trust me for the entire process. One bit of disbelief and it won’t work.”

Kayla paused in thought.

“Alright.” She finally allowed.

“Just follow my instructions.”

The End

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