“I’m back.” Kayla said walking into the house. She had taken the time out the make sure that the last traces of tears were wiped off her face.

“Where were you? I thought you got lost.” Her mother’s worried face popped out from behind the wall.

“I wanted to take a walk. No big deal mom.”

The worried look was wiped off her face.

“Since when did you get into taking walks?”

“Since today.”

Her mother eyed her curiously.

“Is it a boy?”

“Mom!” Kayla’s face flushed brightly. “No!”

“Well, come in missy. Dinner’s ready.”

Kayla walked into the kitchen where two bowls of steaming pasta sat.

“Pasta.” Kayla made a face as she sat down at the table. Kayla tried to force the slick noodles down her throat she tried to think of a way to bring up the topic of Unnaturals.

“Hey mom?” She finally said, putting her fork down.

“Yes honey?”

“Who was my father?” Kayla winced at the question, but she forced it out of her mouth.

“Well...” Her mom looked slightly taken aback by the question. “Well, he was a wonderful man.”

“Yeah but-”

“But what?” She cut in sharply, eyeing Kayla cautiously.

“He’s not here now.”

“That’s because he’s dead.” She said curtly, pushing her chair back. She got up and left the table abruptly.

“Oh.” She whispered, wincing slightly at the sound of the door slamming. It hadn’t turned the way she wanted. Kayla sighed, shaking her head. She got up and washed the dirty dishes that were sitting in the sink, some that were from last week.

Kayla walked upstairs tiredly. Why wouldn’t her mom tell?

The End

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